History repeats itself and the history says Germany always had problem in Russia

It is often says that history has the habit of repeating itself and this time it has come in such a timing that millions of football lovers are left in complete shock and confusion. People had the notion that Germany will reach Semi final or last four. The Germans were supposed to be the one of the most reliable; this team is often thought as a rock solid team built on the furthest-reaching and best-funded foundations, regardless of the challenges they may face on the way.

The elimination of Germany proves it will be a one hard task to predict the result of 2018 world cup; Russian summer can get as much crazy as their winter. It also reflects deeper issues with this team. “What is most damning about Germany is that - wholly unlike Spain 2014, Italy 2010 or even France 2002 - they are not really a side that feel at the natural end of a cycle, ultimately defeated by their own overwhelming success” as written by sports Journalist Miguel Delaney.

“Most of them are still in their prime, and Manuel Neuer, Sami Khedira and Mario Gomez are the only players over the age of 29, with none of them over 32. This was also supposed to be the squad with one of the deepest wells of talent at the World Cup, further powered by so many fine young players pushing for their place except, there was absolutely no spark, no vibrancy.”

In a lighter vein, just after the match between Germany and South Korea get over I write on my Facebook wall, “History repeats itself. And history says Germany always has problem in Russia. Back then they were on the verge of conquering the entire Europe, they always enter Russia with high spirit but soon the brutal Russian winter set in and they have to slaughter their horses for food. This time they enter Russia as world champion. And it's not even a winter but it's still brutal. Who could have thought South Korea will thrash Germany this way? I saw Miroslav Klose in the stadium, sitting there quietly watching the match, his facial expression says it all "these players have no spine, they deserve to lose".

World fever is so high that some people get offended with my Facebook post, one man even ask me to take down my post. I thought it was so funny of him to get offended in this way but people get irrational when passion runs high and passions are running really high these days. One of my friend who is a diehard Germany supporter had almost vanish, he is neither picking up our phone nor replying to our text messages after Germany lost the match, apparently he lost some money which he bets on Germany.

In the morning after that fateful night, I receive a funny WhatsApp video message forwarded by an old college friend. It been quite some time talking to him and he forwarded such a funny message, I thought the world is really small and sports really helped in uniting people. Wherever you are living there is a great chance that you will share same passion with a friend who is living in another city even if you have talked to him for years.

The video clip that happen to be send by my old college friend was something like this a group young people had gathered somewhere at Kongba Bazar in Imphal east apparently they had came out of their home just after Germany had lost that match. It was shot in the night time so we can be sure that they had made that video just after the match. In the video those youngsters who claimed to be football player (themselves) have expressed their anguish and hopelessness in the way Germany had lost the match and in a dramatic manner one of them has bring out his playing boots and he throws that pairs into the river. Apparently they are diehard Germany national soccer team fans. The guy who throws the soccer boots into the river further said he will never play soccer again in his life.

I thought these guys are really funny but it’s incredible the amount of passion they had for the game and for their favorite team. And it is amazing how soccer world cup is uniting people across the globe; people share joy, sadness and passion, in fact it is like people are literally on the same plane as far as their emotion for the game is concerned.

India had never qualified for this mega soccer event called World Cup but this does not hamper the people living in Shillong from coming out in large in the city wearing Jersey of their favorite team and cheering for the same. In fact in Shillong as reported in newspapers they came out in large numbers wearing their favorite team Jersey and they have even organized a victory march. And such incidents are not confined to Shillong alone. People across the world have been watching the event.

Isn’t it such a beautiful thing that you are cheering for a country which has so very little similarities with you culturally and you may never gets a chance to go to that country also? That is the beauty of the game you share the same emotion with thousands of other people who spoke different languages and whole live miles away from one another.

For the countries fortunate enough to get qualified will cheer for their home country but for those countries like India who fail to qualify will nevertheless cheer for Germany, Spain, Argentina , Brazil or any other country that qualified. And it is amazing people have such fever for the game. The madness and the passion for the game are same anywhere in the world. That is why I say this game is such a uniting force.

People bet their money and even take their life in worst case scenario but it happens nevertheless. People break their Television sets when their favorite team lost the game. The fight between the fans of Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo is legendry stuff. It was expected when two legends play the game in the same era. I will not comment on things like who is better and who is not as I think commenting on them is like inviting enemies but the madness people had for these two players is incredible.

-Mubasir Raji

(The writer can be reached @mubasirraji@gmail.com)

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