Restive Manipur

        Unlike those residing in Manipur, who have for long been longing to experience the true joy of living with calm, peace and tranquillity, people settled in disturbance-free states and cities have all the opportunities to compete with their global counter-parts in diverse fields as is evident from youths of Manipur leaving the strife-torn state in pursuit of higher education. In-spite of being blessed with natural beauty and moderate climate throughout the year, Manipur continues to remain deeply mired with various unwanted issues with none of the trouble mongers seemingly unperturbed to ever introspect whether their acts are causing discomfort to others. What is even more disturbing is that Manipur has been home to people who are following different faiths but are apparently not concerned with acting in conformity to the true spirit or doctrine of the religion that he/she has embraced. Root cause of the social unrest that the society has been besieged with also seems to be absence of self-realisation of the wrongdoers that their acts are not favourable for peaceful co-existence of the people in the multi-ethnic state. The masses’ cherished dream for peace and harmony in Manipur with the advent of year 2017 seems unrealistic if one takes into account various unwanted events occurring in the state in the first month itself. The yearning for a disruption-free environment is likely to remain a distant dream if one considers the fact that, among other issues, there is no sign of the on-going economic blockade ending any sooner, regardless of efforts being put in by many civil society organisations to mitigate the people’s hardships arising out of shortage of essential goods.

        With announcement of the dates for holding election, the race to wrest power in the state is being interspersed with political leaders making scathing remarks to project the rival political parties in poor light to win the people’s trust. For the Congress government, creation of seven new districts is turning out to be a serious headache if one takes into account that the opposition BJP construe the decision for granting district status as a political game-plan to remain in power, regardless of Congress leaders explaining that the cabinet decision is for administrative convenience. Even though efforts are on to solve the humanitarian crisis with the Union home minister Rajnath Singh inviting chief minister Ibobi Singh to iron out differences between the Central and state government on the blockade issue as well as representatives of civil society organisations currently holding talks with some Central ministers, the stalemate is likely to persist as there is no indication that the organisation laying siege on the two lifelines would relent from its tough stand. Shortage of essential commodities also has the potential to create upheaval in the society for the people could not be expected to remain calm when procuring a few litres of transport fuel or cooking gas continues to be a time consuming and exhaustive process.

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