Joint meet held to tackle WY menace in CCpur

IMPHAL, 15th Jan: A joint meeting of the joint committee on anti-drugs and chairmen/secretaries of 30 youth clubs was organised in Churachandpur to discuss issues related to easy availability of WY tablets in the district of late. The meeting which was jointly organised by Joint Committee on Anti-Drugs in association with the Diocessan Social Service Society (DSSS) was participated by village chiefs of Kuki inhibited areas among others. The meeting unanimously resolved to constitute a committee with 17 leaders from different areas and further set up 17 sub-committees with the approval of the leaders of Joint Committee on Anti-Drugs.
It has been informed that around 100 number of WY tablets seized from several peddlers are in the custody of Joint Committee on Anti-Drugs and the same will be disposed of very soon.

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