CSIR’s new project converts fuel vehicles into electric vehicles


In a bid to reduce pollution caused by vehicles run on fossil fuels, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun under the aegis of ministry of science and technology has successfully fitted electric vehicle (EV) kits and converting vehicles run on fossil fuel into electric vehicles.

This was informed by senior scientist Robindro Lairenlakpam, who is among the leaders of the project, during a press conference held at Manipur Press Club here on Tuesday.

Robindro told media persons that CSIR is carrying out successful trials of installing the EV kits into fossil fuel vehicles under the National Electronic Mobility Mission 2020. With the increasing number of vehicles run on diesel and petrol, level of pollution is increasing daily. The mission was launched with the objective to protect environment from the pollutions emitted from fossil fuel vehicles.

The mission is aiming to install EV kits on 60 to 70 lakh vehicles by 2020. Despite having rules to declare 15-year old fossil fuel vehicles unfit for use, there is no policy in the country to convert such vehicles into scrap. At present, electric vehicles produced by Mahindra and other companies are costly and common people cannot afford those vehicles. Considering these facts, CSIR develops the new technology through extensive research in order to reduce environmental pollution, he informed.

The prototype EV kit of CSIR, which has a 40 volt Lithium ion battery, can make a Maruti 800 run for 30 kilometres at the top speed of 45 km per hour. CSIR is assigning select drivers for this trial and taking feedbacks as of now. At the same time, research is still going on to make the EV kit more efficient by increasing the battery capacity and running time and speed. Once the research is successful, common people can easily convert their vehicles into electric vehicle without spending a fortune, he said, while adding that this technology will reduce maintenance expenditure of vehicle owners.

He further informed that there is more room for inducting degree holders in electrical engineering into the CSIR project and interested persons from the state could take the opportunity. Once successful, those engineers can always start their own commercial venture in this line in the state, he added.

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