Tremor causes fissures, affects house in Lunghar village

A 5.6 magnitude tremor on Sunday noon has caused giant fissures in the heart of Lunghar village in northern Ukhrul, rendering a house inhabitable.

Sources said that villagers spotted the ground shaking and breaking it into deep cracks during the tremor, which shook the village around 11 am Sunday. Soon after the earthquake stopped, a house was found slid inside the crack zone. It belonged to one Aimson Kazingmei.

Immediately, the occupants of the affected house have been evacuated to a safer place, the source said.

Sources further informed that while the earthquake could have triggered the fissures, there was also an earth work in progress a few metres away from the spot in preparation of the 54th Raphei Katamnao Long General Conference cum Sports Meet, which the village is hosting from January 15 to 23.

The earthquake which jolted northeastern states of India including Manipur was measured at 5.6 ML (local magnitude) on Richter scale, a report from principal investigator of Seismological Observatory of Department of Earth Sciences, Manipur University, Canchipur said.

According to Indian standard Time the quake occurred at 12 hrs 17 min 14 sec. The epicenter was located about 98 km east from the Observatory and 7 km south east of Yele village of Hkamti district in Sangaing region on the eastern bank of Chindwin river. The depth of the earthquake is estimated about 20 km.

There were no reports of any casualties or damage to properties.

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