Prof Pandey calls for preservation of rich Manipuri culture


Manipur University vice chancellor professor Adya Prasad Pandey has said that India is a multilingual, multicultural and multifaceted country but culturally united.

He was speaking during the 45th Foundation Day of Harimati Dance & Music Centre held the centre’s premises Sunday.

Highlighting some of the traditional music and dances across the country, Prof Pandey said that culture of Manipur is the richest one and it has popularity not only in the country but outside the country. The various traditional music and dances from different part of India have their own relevance and importance and all of them binds the citizens in one thread. Historical evidences prove that Maharaja Bhagyachandra was one of the great pioneers of Manipuri Culture, so let us collectively come forward to preserve and praise this worthiness, he called upon.

While addressing the gathering, Dr Veena Pandey, who is the dean of School of Humanities, Manipur University, said that there is no doubt about it that Manipuri culture is the most popular culture in India and the people of Manipur are also equally popular and familiar in other activities and aspects.

Professor Mani Meitei opined that Manipuri culture is no way inferior to any other culture. Manipuris are worshiper of nature and the rich culture is an identity of the people.

Dr Kshetri Kala Singh also spoke during the function.

A book was released during the function which was compiled and edited by N Harimati Devi. The book was reviewed by retired IAS officer P Bharat during the function. The programme ended with vote of thanks delivered by P Madhu Singh.

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