Naga Talks: COCOMI alerts public on divisive policy

IMPHAL, 2nd Sep: While reiterating that final agreement of the Naga peace talks should confine to Nagaland state only and it should not infringe on integrity

and communal harmony of Manipur, the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) has called upon the people to remain alert and ready for a collective fight against any policy/move to disintegrate Manipur.
The COCOMI also informed people that the conglomerate of civil society organisations is always ready to take up necessary action/movement in case Government of India (GOI) fails to officially place details of Framework Agreement to the people or happens to bypass state government while inking final agreement of the peace talks. State government should take necessary action deemed necessary to protect Manipur if the Centre dishonours the popular government and goes ahead in taking unitary decision against the interest of the people of Manipur, COCOMI said in a statement.
According to the COCOMI statement, the peace talks between GOI and NSCN-IM is about to complete 23 years and both the sides hoped of reaching a final settlement after the signing of Framework Agreement on August 3, 2015.
However, NSCN-IM and GOI began to interpret FA in different ways. The NSCN-IM claims that the peace talks cover all Naga inhabited areas in states neighbouring Nagaland state like Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and this has been leading to anxiousness among people of these states. Even as people of these states particularly of Manipur are demanding details of the agreement, the PMO indicated that final settlement of the peace talks would be brought within September month but yet to make public details of the FA. Several Nagaland based civil society organisations also pressed upon the GOI for early settlement of the peace talks and even said that it is not right for NSCN-IM alone to lengthen inking of the final agreement. People of Manipur are not against the peace talks but it should not infringe on integrity and communal harmony of the people of Manipur, the COCOMI said.
Manipur chief minister, education minister and Union minister of state for Home G Kishan Reddy were witness to the commitment made by Union home minister Amit Shah during meet with COCOMI delegation on November 25, 2019 to consult and invite all stakeholders before inking final settlement of the Naga peace talks. The COCOMI delegation placed interest of the people of Manipur clearly to the Union home minister during the meet. Apart from this, the Union minister was apprised against any policy to integrate Naga inhabited areas of Manipur with Nagaland or formation of Pan Naga Cultural Body/Province/Territorial Council and administrative arrangement/division or setup on ethnic line. The delegation also made clear to Home minister that Naga flag should confine to Nagaland state only and there should not be any body which could dictate/lower dignity of Manipur assembly, the COCOMI statement said adding that people of Manipur are yet to change this decision. The COCOMI also said that people of Manipur must be stakeholder of the Naga peace talks if the final settlement infringes on interest of Manipur and representative of GOI must take inputs of CSOs and hear people’s voice before inking the agreement.
The COCOMI also demanded official statement from the GOI on details of FA made public by the NSCN-IM.

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