MGSF demands 7th CPC in toto, submits memo to CS

IMPHAL, 26th Aug: Setting August end as the deadline, Manipur Government Services Federation (MGSF) has demanded the state government to implement the 7th Central Pay Commission in toto including payment of Dearness Allowance (DA) of 17 per cent as mentioned in the agreement signed on June 8, 2018.
While submitting a memorandum to the chief secretary in this regard on Wednesday, the federation also cautioned of launching agitation if their demands are not met by the given deadline.
In its memorandum, the federation stated that full implementation of the 7th Pay Commission's recommendation for benefit of the state government employees is a long standing demand of all employees. As per the agreement signed on June 8, 2018, full implementation of the recommendation of the 7th CPC had to be effective from April 1, 2020. However, even after four months from the agreed date, the DA rate for the state government employees remains pegged at 3 per cent only while the existing DA rate of Central government employees is 17 per cent effective from July 2019. The rate for the latter is expected to be further enhanced by another 7 per cent by January, 2021.
As such, there will be at least 21 per cent DA rate backlog by January, 2021 for the state government employees. Recent enhancement by only 4 per cent making the total DA rate 7 per cent is not acceptable to the employees, the memorandum said. It then demanded clearance of all backlog DA rates by January, 2021 while adding that the federation is open to discussion on the modalities of clearing the backlog within the time line.
It further stated that the DA rate is determined as per the prevailing Consumer Price Index that is common for the entire country which is why, except for few laggards, nearly all state governments have enhanced DA rate as and when the Central Government enhanced the same. “We have to demand the government to make arrangement for enhancement of DA rate as and when the Central Government enhance the same as was already done by some progressive state governments like Nagaland and Assam and also issue necessary orders/memorandum, in this regard,” it added.
“Earlier, we had demanded settlement of all disputes regarding pay anomalies within a definite time frame. In the discussion held in your office chamber on July 20, 2019 it was agreed, in principle, to complete the whole process within six months from the month of July, 2020,” the memorandum said while demanding the government to issue necessary notifications in this regard and settle all demands/disputes of pay anomaly including that of the secretariat employees within the agreed time frame.
As per the 2018 agreement, the benefits of the implementation of the recommendations of 7th CPC have to be extended to the employees working in grant-in-aid bodies under the state government.
So far, process for extending the same is yet to be completed and it is therefore, requested to complete the process and extend the benefit to these employees partially from April 1, 2019 and fully from April 1, 2020 with notional effect from January 1, 2016 as well as in the case of all other employees, it demanded. Reminding how the government had earlier agreed to the proposal for preparation of concordance table for fixation of basic pensions of the pensioners who retired before January 1, 2016, the memorandum urged the government to complete the process, as agreed, early and issue necessary notifications.
The memorandum also demanded earlier agreed matters which include one step upgrade as per the eligibility status of incumbent stenographers; issuing notification for adoption of 7th CPC for college teachers under the state government; restoration of NPA for doctors from April 1, 2019 and fixation of pay; restoration of NPA given to the doctors and Veterinary doctors in calculating pension emoluments; enhancing duty allowance of trained nurses working under the state government to Rs 4000 from the existing Rs 2000 as recommended by the expert panel of the Medical Directorate; extension of 7th CPC to employees who had been absorbed to the state government from various central government funded organisations/agencies; service regularisation of work charged, casual and muster roll employees of the engineering departments; transfer of arrears for work charged employees of engineering departments not having GPF accounts to their respective bank accounts.
It further stated that the Manipur Secretariat Services Association (MSSA) had made specific demands relating to the service condition of employees of Manipur Secretariat and the federation demands early settlement of the same demands.
Pay of the various categories of teachers under the school education department cannot be fixed as per the norms of 7th Pay Commission due to the confusion created by the adoption of grade pay and academic grade pay structure during 6th CPC period, the memorandum said while demanding early settlement of this issue by doing away with the existing structure and determining reasonable grade pays for the teachers.
While demanding the government to settle the demands preferably by the end of August, the memorandum cautioned that the federation will be under compulsion to continue the cease work strike in full measure unless their demands are met with.

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