JNIMS blood bank facing acute shortage

IMPHAL, 18th Aug: The number of people donating blood has drastically reduced owing to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic situation and its related lockdown, thereby putting a stoppage to conduct of blood donation camps. As such, JNIMS Blood Bank is facing acute shortage of blood, disclosed Blood Bank medical officer in-charge Dr K Surjit.
Speaking to The People’s Chronicle on Tuesday, Dr Surjit reminded that blood is priceless and there is no other replacement for it. He then appealed to healthy people from non-containment zones to come to the bank and donate blood so as to replenish the stock.
Dr Surjit informed that the Blood Bank used to stock around 400/500 units at any given time. However, owing to the current pandemic, the number has gone down considerably, although the blood transfusion rates have also reduced. Additionally, despite the low number of replacements for the units taken from the bank for transfusion purposes, blood transfusions are being carried out as per requirement.
On top of this, the Blood bank was closed down after some of its staffers tested positive for Covid-19, which in turn has put heavy pressure upon JNIMS as the bank is the key supplier of blood to JNIMS hospital and other private hospitals. Dr Surjit went on to say that many people, particularly the regular blood donors are afraid of coming to the hospital, while local clubs and organisations have stopped organising blood donation camps owing to the pandemic. Nonetheless, some student bodies and others have been continuing to donate blood. He then said that the Blood Bank had already informed the people to come and donate blood at the bank while maintaining strict social/physical distancing and other Covid-19 protocols.
At present, JNIMS has about 300 units in stock, of which the rare blood groups are the lowest. The Bank currently has the highest number of blood group B-positive in stock but it is not much in demand.
The Bank is aware that patient parties must be feeling frustrated when the Bank is not able to give them the blood group they need, he remarked.
As it impossible to test all donors especially those from containment zones, Dr Surjit appealed to healthy donors from non-containment areas to come to the Bank and donate blood, as there is no other option available to end the shortage of blood.

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