SOPs for home isolation of Covid ‘patients’ issued

IMPHAL, 16th Aug: As part of a new strategy to contain COVID-19 pandemic amidst increasing cases and almost reaching initial stage of community transmission, the state government has allowed home isolation for asymptomatic/very mild symptomatic Covid-19 positive cases and has accordingly issued SOPs for the purpose.
The technical committee of the state’s health directorate, in a meeting held on Friday, had recommended home isolation for asymptomatic/very mild symptomatic Covid-19 positive cases and the government endorsed the same by issuing an order on Saturday and also related SOPs for the same.
As per the SOPs, the eligible patients must have no or mild symptoms and do not have any other co-morbid conditions. Medical condition of such patients shall be examined and certified by a medical team and state health department will provide fingertip oximeter for them but the equipment has to be returned to the department after completion of home isolation. Patients will also be provided triple layer masks.
Pregnant woman having expected date of delivery (EDD) one month or more afterward and minors (below 10 years of age) with no symptom would also be eligible for home isolation. Elderly patients (60 years and above) and people with health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, chronic lung/liver/kidney diseases and patients who are immune-compromised due to cancer, HIV, and taking immunosuppressant shall be allowed for home isolation only after a proper evaluation by a medical team. However, an adult care giver available to provide care 24x7 shall be mandatory for home isolation. A communication link between the caregiver and hospital is a prerequisite for home isolation. The patient shall agree to self-monitor his/her health in the prescribed monitoring formats and regularly inform his/her health status to the medical team for further follow up by the surveillance team.
The family should have separate bedroom and bathroom for the patient and two patients from a same family can also share a room if unavoidable. Shared bathroom may be allowed provided strict infection control measures are followed. Availability of adequate disinfectants like hand sanitisers, sodium hypochlorite, phenyl, Dettol, detergents/soaps) and sufficient quantities of mask and gloves would also be prerequisite.
If any patient shows symptoms like very high fever, difficulty in breathing, persistent pain/pressure in the chest, mental confusion or inability to arouse, new diarrhoea and vomiting, loss of taste and smell, developing bluish discolorations of lips/face and any other sign or symptom not present before, information should be made to provide medical attention and period for home isolation would be 14 days.
It is said that majority of Covid-19 positive persons do not show symptoms or show only very mild symptoms. As such persons do not require hospital care, the government has decided to introduce home isolation of very mild/asymptomatic cases. A medical team constituted by the Chief Medical Officer will examine the case for eligibility.
Home isolation duration will be for 14 days. A medical team will monitor the health status of the cases by phone daily. The positive person and family members will be tested by RT-PCR at the end of home isolation period.

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