Student bodies cry foul over death of Covid-19 patient

IMPHAL, 13th Aug: The death of the 13th Covid-19 positive patient from Mayang Imphal, who passed away at the Covid-19 Isolation Ward of RIMS on Thursday morning, was due to the negligence of the technician concerned, alleged six student bodies.
In the joint the release, the student bodies (AIMS, AMSU, DESAM, MSF, KSA and SUK) said that the hard work and sacrifices made by health workers have been rendered useless by the carelessness of some people. Prior to his death, the patient was in a lot of pain and was having difficulty breathing due to lack of oxygen, as was witnessed by other patients in the room. The patient's caretaker immediately searched for the technician to replace the oxygen tank but the technician concerned could neither be located nor did the individual picked any phone calls.
"If the patient had been given the oxygen supply in time, he could have been saved", the student bodies asserted, while claiming that there have been instances of similar deaths in the past owning to negligence on part of the technicians.
Demanding the Chief Minister and the RIMS authority to the take strict action against the erring individuals at the earliest, the student bodies said that they would be looking into the non-Covid deaths resulting from denial of medical services by public and private hospitals. People are advised to inform the student bodies if they have been denied emergency medical services by the hospitals. 

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