Many condemn medical negligence, demand action

IMPHAL, 7th Aug: Expressing shock and despair over the cruel fate that befell upon Kanpatliu Kamei (20) w/o Roshan Balang of Puichi (Oktan) village in Noney district due to alleged medical negligence, various organisations demanded that suitable punitive action against those responsible for the unnatural death of the pregnant woman.
In separate releases, the organisations cautioned that the government will be held accountable in case of any attempt to shield the guilty.
Asking the medical professionals, especially doctors and nurses, to uphold medical ethics regardless of the challenging situation they are facing due to the coronavirus situation, the organisations also appealed to the government of Manipur initiate stringent action at the earliest possible and to adopt appropriate measures to prevent recurrence of such unwanted incidents in future.
According to Naga Women’s Union president Asha Wungnam, JNIMS and RIMS authorities owe a thorough explanation for denying the patient treatment when she was brought to the government hospitals.
While raising posers if illiteracy and poverty were the reasons for ignoring helplessness of the woman patient, the Union said that all healthcare institutions should ensure proper care to needy persons rather than judging one on the basis of class, race, caste, etc.
Strongly condemning discrimination and victimisation of Kanpatliu Kamei, Zeliangrong Civil Organisations (ZCO) said that denial of timely medical intervention by public and private hospitals led to the untimely demise of the young housewife and her unborn child on August 6.
Recounting circumstances leading to the death of the woman and suffering of her family members owing to apathy by the medical personnel, ZCO comprising Zeliangrong Baudi, Zeliangrong Youth Front and Zeliangrong Students’ Union described as unimaginable that the patient referred by doctors of government hospitals with valid Covid-19 negative result was not accepted and treated by other hospitals.
It is high time doctors reciprocate the honour and respect given to medical practitioners by honouring the value of human lives of general public especially at this crucial juncture or else should be ready to face the wrath of the people, said the ZCO.
Evading duties under the pretext of lockdown and coronavirus pandemic instead of giving immediate attention to the needy patients will do no good to the medical practitioners, it remarked.
The organisations also stated that rejection of patients by hospitals or denial of treatment by doctor amount to murder, which merit severest form of punishment.
The ZCO, however, welcomed the government action of ordering investigation into the case and suggested that the state’s authorities ensure proper functioning of hospitals and commitment of doctors and health care workers in discharging their duties and responsibilities so that such unwanted incident is avoided in future. Joining the condemnation chorus, Ningol Club (Heirok), International Human Rights Association (Molnom Bazar, Churachandpur) and Thoubal District United Women’s Organisation stated that there should be no leniency in case any medical professionals are found neglecting people in dire of medical attention.
International Human Rights Association also asked the health minister to tender resignation on moral ground while District United Women’s Organisation demanded adequate compensation to Kanpatliu Kamei as well as to the pregnant woman from Thoudam Mamang Leikai in Thoubal, who too died under similar circumstances on August 2.

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