MNPF, PLA, ULFA-I claim attack; ‘regret’ casualty

IMPHAL, 30th Jul: While claiming responsibility for the ambush at Sajik Tampak area in Chandel district wherein at least three soldiers of Assam Rifles were killed and six soldiers wounded on Wednesday, the proscribed Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF), Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) and United Liberation Front of Asom - Independent (ULFA-I) expressed regret over WESEA ‘brothers’ killed or wounded in the action.
According to a joint statement of MNPF, RPF and ULFA-I, a combined force of the three revolutionary organisations conducted a joint military offensive against IOF (Indian Occupation Forces) at Sajik Tampak area in Chandel district Wednesday evening. During the joint military offensive, around four IOF personnel were killed in action and many more were wounded. Among the dead and wounded were brothers of WESEA, the joint statement said.
Regretting over the killing/wounding brothers of WESEA during the course of liberation struggle, the joint statement said that joining Indian Occupation Force is not right as roguish India makes enmity among WESEA brothers and asked brothers and sisters of WESEA to stay aloof from the Indian forces. The joint statement also called upon people of the WESEA region to stay away from Indian forces as they are super spreader of infectious COVID-19.
The joint statement signed by MNPF defence secretary Ruichumhao, PLA/RPF chief of army staff MM Ngouba and ULFA-I vice-chairman and chief of army staff Paresh Baruah further said that the joint offensive was a part of the independence struggle against India’s occupation of WESEA and Indian expansionism. Internationally, the era of expansionism is over but not the Indian expansionism. As the entire world has made up its mind against expansionism, the people of WESEA are countering against the expansionism of India and hence people of WESEA are still fighting against India for independence.

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