Ukhrul police seek public support in COVID-19 battle

UKHRUL, 27th Jul: Police have been on the frontlines of the ongoing fight against COVID-19, but policing alone cannot win the battle without the people's cooperation and support to the police.
This people's cooperation has been an ideal concept revolving around effective enforcement of 'lockdown' to prevent spread of the virus and is getting more emphatic as the entire state is gearing up to tackle rising cases of new infection with no recent travel history which forced the state government to impose a 7-day total lockdown across the state from July 24 last.
"We are doing our best but our efforts alone can't ensure success unless the public extend full cooperation with understanding", said some police personnel who were guarding Ukhrul town's main roads on the fourth day of the ongoing total lockdown on Monday.
The security personnel observed that the current total lockdown is effective in the main town areas but the situation could be different in the surrounding areas, including circular roads and various localities where the police are not stationed.
"So it would be helpful if local civil societies arrange for deployment of their volunteer forces in such places where the police can't cover", the security personnel said in an interaction with The People's Chronicle. The police personnel are keeping vigil at several strategic locations in the main town's areas like Dungrei Junction, Mini Secretariat, ZEO traffic point, Gandhi Chawk, Viewland traffic circular, TNL Ground and others, they said.
The security personnel continued that most of those who ventured out during the lockdown are those going to hospital for medical needs and to pharmacies to buy medicines. "We cannot restrict those who genuinely need urgent medical treatments or medicines", they said.
According to them, while there are some who maintain discipline on the road, still there are others who don't care about wearing masks and social distance even though they are going about their emergency activities.
Urging the public to cooperate and follow the lockdown direction by not venturing out unnecessarily, the security personnel said: "Even if they have to go out for emergency cases like medical needs, they must always ensure wearing of face masks and maintenance of social distance".
"This is a war all the people must join hands to fight", they added.
All the shops and commercial establishments remained closed for the fourth day in the township. However, some people could be seen walking on the empty roads.
At TNL Ground area, Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long (TMNL) volunteers could be seen assisting the police personnel in enforcing the lockdown. The volunteers stopped several passersby and enquired about the reasons for their going outside.

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