AMSU, CADA for punishment of drug dealers

IMPHAL, 27th Jul: Decrying the attempt allegedly being made to portray a sincere person, who stands for truth as wrongdoer; All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) has demanded punishment all those involved in illegal drug trades at the earliest.
In a release, AMSU publicity & information secretary Lhunpao Lupheng pointed out that drug has been the prime cause of shattering the society. People have been questioning whether the government has nexus with those drug businessmen who are trying to destroy the future of our students, youth and very foundation of our society by drowning them in intoxicants. The answer to the said questions can be given only by a fair and independent judiciary which does not succumb to the whims of the government, he added.
People are confused regarding the progress of the drug case of Lukhosei Zou, former Chandel ADC chairman. People along with AMSU have been watching closely the unfolding events happening to MPS officer Th Brinda after she arrested the alleged drug kingpin, Lhunpao said.
Regarding mentioning of higher-ups of police department, members of a political party and the CM in an affidavit submitted by Th Brinda on July 13 who claimed that they exerted pressure upon her to release Lukhosei, Lhunpao said that it is an eye opening moment for the people of Manipur and further informed that a defamation suit of Rs 550 crore has been filed against Brinda and 11 people including journalists for making public the officer’s statement.
Making it clear that AMSU along with the people of Manipur is supporting Th Brinda who is all for a fair and just trial in the case, Lhunpao said that it is high time to reveal the real actors behind the drug business in Manipur. CSOs, Meira Paibis, student bodies, human rights organisations and all people of Manipur should not remain silent regarding this serious issue which could annihilate the future of Manipur, he exhorted.
Charging the government with continuously subduing the Rights to Freedom of speech and expression, which is a fundamental right laid down in Indian Constitution, Lhunpao asserted that the government has been suppressing the voices of the people who air their grievances on social media by arresting them. He applauded the Supreme Court for its historic verdict of scrapping Section 66 A of IT Act on the grounds that it violates Article 19 (1) A of the Constitution, which will not allow anyone to be arrested for posting any post on social media platforms.
Asserting that AMSU still believes in the judiciary system for a fair and just trial, Lhunpao demanded punishment of all those involved in the drug case at the earliest without waiting for public movement.
Meanwhile, Coalition against Drug and Alcohol (CADA) said that during the present humanitarian crisis, huge quantity of drugs is being brought into the state though various channels after passing international borders. Moreover, huge quantities of drugs are being seized everyday by law enforcing agencies, it added.
Even though a fast track court has been established by the government for speedy trial of drug related cases, other than arresting traffickers and small drugs distributors, people have never witnessed the arrest of drug kingpins/drug lords and giving them the punishment they deserved, CADA said.
There is the possibility of increasing number of people who want easy money by indulging in drug business as the present BJP led government does not take up actions against any drug kingpins despite its ‘War against Drugs’ slogan, CADA observed, while adding that the only way to win the war against drug is to fight sincerely without favoritism and nepotism. CADA further observed that the transfer of former ASP (NAB) Th Brinda without giving any specific assignment might be a conspiracy for suppressing the truth of the case. Nonetheless, CADA along with people will stand firm and support Th Brinda in her fight for truth and against drug invasion, the release affirmed.

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