Rain brings back road woes for Ukhrulites

UKHRUL, 25th Jul: Rain has brought back worries of the public over deplorable condition of roadways in Ukhrul town. But it's the same old story about the government not doing anything to mitigate the situation every year.
With the district having entered the monsoon season just a couple of weeks back, the length and breadth of the hilly township is fast turning into a marshy ground. Almost all the road infrastructure starting from the town's main roads to the twin circular roads and approach roads in different localities have deteriorated due to incessant rains.
In many places like Phungreitang and Viewland, the troubles are not one of potholes any more but of the entire pavement completely worn out in the face of prolonged neglect. Same is the case with circular roadways. As such, the roads have remained covered under accumulating mud and mire, making it a miserable experience for the motorists and pedestrians alike.
Unfortunately, the state authorities have continually turned a blind eye to the deplorable condition of the roads which has not only discommoded the road users but is also endangering their lives.
With no options left for them despite the life-threatening risk, a dozen of locals of Hamleikhong and Khaivarentang localities residing along the western circular road (BRTF/GREF road) came out and repaired a stretch of the road themselves on July 23 morning. The residents said that the said road is one of the most used roadways in the town connecting Dungrei Junction and Jessami Junction, Viewland but has remained a most neglected one for years.
The road condition gets worsened with the onset of seasonal monsoon every year, they said, while adding that lack of proper maintenance by the authorities concerned has resulted in massive damages and clogged drains, thereby endangering the lives of roadside residents.
"Once rainy season arrives, the road becomes muddy and slippery. This is increasing the chance of accidents", the residents said. "Every time heavy rainfalls come, the rain water from the blocked drain overflows and floods the road and even into the roadside residential areas," the residents rued.
According to the residents, natural landslides and private construction works have also contributed to blockage of the poor drainage system along the road. Moreover, haphazard piling up of dugout earth on the roadside is causing hardships for the road users, especially during the rainy season.
The residents have appealed to the authorities concerned to immediately look into the deplorable condition of the roadway and take up necessary prompt actions to improve the lifeline where a large number of vehicles are plying on a daily basis.
At the same time, many residents of the township have also been venting their angst against the town's bad roads on social media.
The netizens expressed their wish for the authorities concerned to do the needful of ensuring a standard road infrastructure for the public, especially in view of the hardships being endured by the public during the monsoon season.
Many of them have also gone on to suggest one another to put on their gum boots while going out, maintaining that the roads are filled with mud everywhere else in the town.

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