NSCN-IM denounces Nagaland Govt directive

IMPHAL, 21st Jul: The Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (GPRN/NSCN-IM) has termed the July 7 order of Nagaland government as one retrograde step worked out insidiously to cripple the Naga political movement and forcefully bring the Naga political issue under the purview of ‘law and order’ issue.
Denouncing the directive, NSCN-IM said in a statement that the directive is nothing but desperate attempt to browbeat Naga freedom fighters into submission and such a despicable directive stands incompatible with the spirit of Indo-Naga peace process.
The directive issued by chief secretary Temjen Toy asked all government employees to fill up the self-declaration form to declare their relation with Naga underground groups.
According to the NSCN-IM statement issued by its ministry of information and publicity, the Nagas look up to the Naga IAS/NCS officers with highest respect but they are nowhere in a position to assert themselves to speak out what is right and what is wrong. For all practical purpose they have let down the Naga people and forgotten their root and history, it said.
It is surprising to observe that Governor RN Ravi, who also happens to be India’s Interlocutor to the Indo-Naga political talks, has come from a high profile IPS background. He is also the longest serving interlocutor. But all of sudden he has become no less than a dullard by trying to use the Nagas as dumb driven cattle. But the Nagas, and NSCN for that matter, will not allow Ravi to have his way to diminish the Naga political issue as mere ‘law and order problem’.
“Going deeper to heap insult upon insults, the Indian intelligence agencies are spreading the words that any Naga government employee having relation with Naga underground groups will be terminated from service. Such is the insolence applied to the Naga people.”
The very word ‘underground groups’ is a misnomer and recklessly used without taking into consideration the literal meaning. Underground groups are outlawed organisations. But in Naga context there are no outlawed organisations operating in Nagaland. If Nagaland Governor RN Ravi has taken NSCN to be underground organisation how come he signed the historic Framework Agreement with NSCN general secretary Th Muivah as his co-author, guided and supervised by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in the presence of high dignitaries from India and NSCN. Certainly, Ravi has reduced the most revered Prime Minister of India Modi and top leaders of the GoI to a mere laughing stock.
Indo-Naga political talk has passed into the hands of six Prime Ministers starting from PV Narasimha Rao. None of them denied the political legitimacy of the Naga political struggle under the banner of NSCN. But, Ravi’s outlandish assault against the NSCN by using the terminology ‘underground group’ has only insulted the six former Prime Ministers of India.
When late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited Kohima in November, 2003, he openly announced in his public meeting that mistakes has been committed against the Nagas in the past, giving a clear indication that a new beginning has begun under the BJP led government. Nagas were overjoyed to hear such assuring words, the NSCN-IM statement recalled. It also said that calling NSCN the wrong way is not only impolitic but exposed the ignorance and insincerity of the Government of India (GoI). GoI to be caught on the wrong foot after more than 23 years of Indo-Naga political talks speaks volumes of its sinister design in the making. In the political history of Naga people if NSCN or NNC under whose banner the Naga political struggle started are illegal, then all Nagas irrespective of age or gender are ‘outlaws’.
During the tumultuous period that NSCN went through, it was banned under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. This ban was, however, lifted on November 18, 2002, five years after the ceasefire, in order to pave the way for a more meaningful peace process and the NSCN has been sparing no effort to bring about Naga political solution that is honourable and acceptable.
The history of Naga political movement is clear before the GoI and before the world as well. Ever since Naga political movement was launched, more than 2 lakh people have given their lives for the political cause of the Naga people. The First Indo-Naga Ceasefire of 1964 brought about Indo-Naga political talk at the Prime Minister level. The talk, however, failed as Nagas stood their ground on the issue of sovereignty. It was blood, sweat and tears all the way again. Naga’s political history cannot be erased at the whims of GoI, the NSCN-IM maintained.
From day one since Naga movement started it has been a mass based movement all the way as every section of Naga people were involved and every single Naga employees, high and low played their role to meet the demand of the situation and keep the fire of Naga political movement burning. Indeed, there may not be a single family among the Nagas who is not linked with Naga political movement in one way or the other.
The Naga political issue is not new in the record of UNO (United Nations Organization). The declaration of Naga independence and the result of the 1951 Naga National Plebiscite with 99.9 percent vote in favour of Naga sovereignty were cabled to the UN Secretary General and UN Office in Delhi. NSCN put on record that Naga political issue has passed the scrutiny of UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples’ Organization) having 39 members and UNHRC (United Nations Human Right Commission) and thereby granted free access to use their good offices to enlighten on the righteousness of the Naga political issue before the world. If Naga political struggle is illegal, UNPO would not have given a membership to NSCN or UNHRC given platform to the Nagas.
It will amount to undermining of Naga political issue if such profiling of Naga employees is carried out, sidelining the pending issues that carried the sentiment of the Naga people, accumulated over the years. It will also amount to ‘sell out’ if Nagaland state government is in collusion with the master of this devilish policy who is none other than RN Ravi representing the Government of India. Naga people will never condone any government employee, high or low who connive and propagate the suppressive policy of the occupational forces. Such colonial and coercive directive should not be allowed to go through the process of implementation come what may. The sanctity of Naga political issue should not be defiled by allowing ourselves to be used in such obnoxious manner.
The NSCN-IM statement further said that the Naga history is open before the world and the spirit of Naga political struggle was never dampened when the going gets tough and even when driven to the point of brinkmanship. Any such situation when force upon the Nagas only help to spark the fire of nationalism to a greater height. The God given political right of the Naga people cannot be simply throttled.
It would be in the fitness of things to tell the Nagaland state administration that it should not be carried away by such unpalatable policy that is targeted to suppress the Naga issue at this belated juncture. The blood of being Nagas should not be sacrificed at the altar of political suppression as played out by the GoI which has gone all the way to renege on the Framework Agreement (FA). What Ravi is doing is all directed towards undoing the FA that was signed with much fanfare under the glare of the world.
The Naga people believe in peaceful co-existence with India as incorporated in the Framework Agreement. Nagas believe in respecting the problem of India as much as India respects the problem of the Naga people. The FA reflects this spirit. And NSCN expects this to be implemented in letter and spirit. It is, however, seen that Indo-Naga political talks, after overcoming all the hurdles is heading to become another political flattery. History of political flattery is showing its ugly face. But Naga people will take the stand not to be cowed down by such bigoted policy. Significantly, frustration and deceit is being brazenly displayed by GoI after 23 years of peace process, the NSCN-IM statement maintained.

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