How Hunphun village eases burden of community quarantining

UKHRUL, 20th Jul: In the present pandemic situation, community participation has come as grist for the mill in battling Coronavirus in a big way.
One such example is the community response initiated by Hunphun/Ukhrul Covid-19 Committee within its own jurisdiction of Hunphun village in the district headquarters.
As massive inflow of returnees which began since March, complicated the situation for the state authorities in accommodating the growing number of the district's returnees, Hunphun/Ukhrul Covid-19 Committee took upon itself the task of hosting evacuees irrespective of their native places from across the three constituencies of Ukhrul and Chingai in Ukhrul district and Phungyar in Kamjong district under its different community quarantine centres. This has somehow reduced the strain of community quarantine arrangement elsewhere in both Ukhrul and Kamjong districts.
"Till date, we have accommodated as many as 800 returnees in our 22 community quarantine centres which have been set up in the main town and its surrounding areas," said Phungton Shaiza, convenor of Hunphun/Ukhrul Covid-19 Committee.
He said that out of the 800 inmates, natives of Hunphun village accounted for about only 10 percent, while the rest belonged to different villages from across Ukhrul, Chingai and Phungyar constituencies. Among them were even many non-locals from other states, he continued.
"We came up with this arrangement considering the enormous burden of the authorities in accommodating all the returnees. So we decided to host all those who wished to stay in the town areas, even though they are not Hunphun natives," Shaiza said.
According to the convenor, the initiative came into shape after every single household in Hunphun village contributed a sum of Rs 100 each towards the setting up community quarantine centres in different localities in coordination with the respective Tang/local committees.
Many returnees had reportedly preferred community quarantine centres located within the town areas as most of their family members are residing in the district headquarters. "For all such returnees, we arranged accommodation in our quarantine centres. We are also giving them free transportation services," he said, adding that the committee did not differentiate anyone on the basis of their native villages or constituencies.
Meanwhile, continuing its efforts, Hunphun/Ukhrul Covid-19 Committee on Monday conducted an official visit to some of its community quarantine centres in the town and reached out to the inmates with monetary assistance and prayerful support.
Ukhrul ADC members Edmund Chiphang (Ukhrul North) and HA Vareishang (Ukhrul South) joined the official team comprising convenor Phungton Shaiza, Hunphun headman HA Sarimaya, advisor Rev Ayonsui Singnaisui, Hunphun Shanao Long president Agnes Shaiza and Hunphun Covid Committee members. During the visit, the team oversaw the conditions of the inmates and interacted with them from a distance at different community quarantine centres like Town Hall QC, Oriental Naga Academy QC, KTL QC, Ngachonmi School QC and Greenland QC.
"We are here to show our love and concerns for all of you. We appreciate your patience and understanding. You are here not because you are infected with the deadly virus but because you all care for all of us," Rev Singnaisui exhorted the inmates before invoking the Almighty's blessings for them.
"We wish you all a good stay and pray that you all come back home very soon, safe and sound," Singnaisui greeted the inmates.
On behalf of the Hunphun/Ukhrul Covid-19 Committee and Hunphun village authority, convenor Phungton Shaiza handed over the monetary assistance to the respective in-charges of the centres. Briefing media persons at its Viewland office soon after winding up the visit, convenor Shaiza said that the committee is extending the community services by mobilising limited resources within the village. "We appeal to the government to give attention to our community quarantine centres where returnees from all corners of the district are accommodated," he pleaded. He said that the committee is sustaining its voluntary services through contributions from local well-wishers. "Money received from such sources and from others are used for providing a square meal, breakfast and other services to the inmates," he said.
Informing that food for the inmates is provided by the respective Tang committee by charging Rs 1400 per head for the 14 day period, he said that the amount is fixed only as a matter of form. "There are some families who want to pay more and there are also some who cannot afford to pay the charge. But that doesn't matter since ours is a voluntary service," he said.

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