JCILPS asks Govt to deport non-locals

IMPHAL, 16th Jul: Taking serious note of stealthy entry of non-locals into the state in-spite of the fact the government has ceased issuance of inner line permit (ILP), the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) has asked the state government to initiate legal actions against non-locals, who have come into the state without permission.
Further demanding that the illegal entrants must be deported back to their respective states, JCILPS convener YK Dhiren asserted that the committee will take its own course of action to trace the non-local in case the government does not take any tangible action.
Addressing newspersons at its Sega Road office on Thursday, Dhiren pointed out that the state government had suspended issuing ILP from March 18, thus banning entry of non-locals into the state. However, inspite of the prohibition, non-locals are arriving in flights and entering the state without any restriction.
Suspecting nexus between security forces and persons aiding entry of non-locals, he said opined that in case security personnel manning the airport execute their task diligently then there would be no chance of any unauthorised entry into the state. The convener also questioned the rationale for the government’s failure to enforce its own rules of prohibiting illegal entries.
Stating that public are worried and fearful over lack of sincerity on the part of law enforcement agencies, he called upon the government to take action against such non-locals and send them back to their respective states at the earliest along with punishing those involved in bringing the non-locals.
He recounted that ILP system was enforced in the state from January 1 along with publication of the same in the gazette notification on December 31, 2019 and in accordance to the notification permit counters were opened in various entry points of the state for issuing temporary and regular permits to non-locals.
Dhiren noted that though the ILPS has been implemented in the state it is not the regulation that JCILPS and people of the state wanted. A movement for demanding base year for effective implementation of the system was planned but due to Covid-19 outbreak it has been suspended.
He further stated that since it has been six months permits were issued, its renewal period has come and to check that a drive was also about to start but had to be postponed due to Covid-19. It was assumed that government and law enforcement agencies will take up the required steps but in the current situation it has been decided that a JCILPS task force will investigate and find out such non-locals and will take up actions against them as per the law with support of the public, he informed.
Dhiren also demanded the government to draft a regulation pertaining to leasing out of rooms to non-locals by house owners.

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