Suspicions raised on fake permits for tinted glass

IMPHAL, 13th Jul: The Supreme Court, in April 2012, had prohibited the use of tinted films/glass on vehicles except in certain categories. In accordance to this ruling, Manipur Police has been conducting drives from time to time to crackdown on vehicles with tinted films and imposing fines. However, suspicions have been raised whether some people have been allowed to use tinted films on the vehicles using fake permits.
According to the 2012 ruling, the glass of the windscreen and the rear window of every motor vehicle, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, shall be maintained in such a condition that visual transmission light is not less than 70 percent. The visual transmission light of the glasses used for side windows shall be not be less than 50 percent. Anyone found violating the provisions beyond the permissible limits shall be liable for punishment as per the law in force.
For the past few years, the state police have been removing tinted films and imposing fines on the violators. However, as the drives are often conducted in an irregular manner, it is not uncommon to see vehicles on the road with tinted windows. Recently, the state police commenced a sudden drive against tinted films in various districts from July 9 onwards. Meanwhile, Chief Minister N Biren, during an event held on Sunday, spoke about the illegal activities being carried out in vehicles with tinted glasses, including crimes against women, drug trafficking, etc. As such, the drives have been launched with the aim of cracking down on such activities.
However, during the drive on July 7, the state police came across many individuals claiming to possess and even presenting the permit for using tinted films on their vehicles. The said permits were reportedly issued by an authority of District Transport Officer, Department of Transport and mentioned the name of the vehicle owners. One of the permits showed that it was issued on October 11, 2019, while the registration number was mentioned as "Applied For (A/F)".
With the objective of establishing the authenticity of the permit, The People's Chronicle spoke to the SP of Imphal West, who informed that the state government has not issued any permits allowing the use of tinted films on vehicles. In addition, as per other government sources, the presence of the permit means one is allowed to use tinted films on their vehicles. However, no such permit has been issued by the Transport Department and the department has already asked police to detain anyone found possessing any such permit during the drive, the SP conveyed.
Under the Motor Vehicles Act, only vehicles falling under the VIP, VVIP category are allowed to use tinted films. Even if a permit is to be issued, the home department, not the transport department, would be the issuing authority, the SP added.

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