Ukhrul movie firm eyes social cause in era of Covid-19

UKHRUL, 10th Jul: In the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, reverse migration is being seen as inevitable fallout of the pandemic situation, which has the potential to negatively impact the social and economic conditions of the people anywhere. And for backward rural regions like Ukhrul district, the scenario could usher in one of greatest challenges of the time.
Cogitating over the possible impacts of the grim scenario, Meiphung Productions (MP), an Ukhrul-based movie production firm, has taken upon the task of mitigating the situation by responding to social responsibilities in its own ways.
In the present pandemic situation, while the entire community is grappling to contain the disease, the mass inflow of local youth from different metro cities is already presenting another big challenge for the community. "In order to bring relief to many of these returnees/migrant workers in this situation of dwindling job prospect, we have decided to invite interested individuals to be a part of our upcoming movie projects," Chief Operating Officer (COO) Seema Awungshi said in a press briefing at MP office, Hamleikhong on Friday.
"It's a way of giving back to the society for its unwavering support to us all through these years of our struggle," she said, urging the public to continue rendering their support to the team.
Conveying that Meiphung Productions is committed to help talented youngsters establish as professional artists, she said that the firm is currently running an open call audition from any talented and passionate local youths for acting in its three upcoming movie projects.
Seema further assured that the firm has a hassle-free payment system for the entire casting and crew members in all of its projects. "Currently, we have three new films which would be ready for shooting once the audition is done and the current lock-down is lifted," she continued.
Without revealing the titles of their three upcoming movies, Seema informed that two of the movies for which the scripts were written by well-known local filmmakers Soror Zimik and MK Vaorei (of Khipawui Khayon' fame) respectively, would be feature films, while the script written by Obed Vasha would be a serial movie.
Meiphung Productions, which is known as the most trustworthy springboard for launching local talents in acting career in the district, has also generated employment opportunities for many others in technical areas. Currently, it has 6 staffers as technicians, photographer and videographer. "As a part of our business practice, we have been conducting official tours along with our artistes to different parts of the country, where our new films are premiered. This is done not just to promote our local artistes but also broaden their professional outlook," Seema remarked.
Adding another feather in its cap, the team has also recently opened a hiring service for sound system, recording, videography, photography and other facilities, apart from providing a free biblical counselling service for women in distress.
Moreover, the team also launched a weekend talk show 'Sharum' on June 15 which aims to cover varied aspects of livelihood and personalities from different walks of life. As a show of solidarity, MP team also donated a sum of Rs 55,000 recently to local natives residing in different metro cities during the ongoing lockdown over COVID-19 pandemic.
To its credit, the MP team has so far produced some of the most popular films like ‘Kha Yurna Mataimei’, ‘Thotkha Mirin Khani’, ‘LAY’ and its latest venture ‘Mangareiungluilu’ since its inception in 2014.

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