Does Manipur have a health minister, Joykisan questions

IMPHAL, 10th Jul: Thangmeiband MLA Kh Joykisan has questioned whether Manipur has an actual working health minister or not, especially with the fear pervading among the people over the rising cases of Covid-19 infections in the state.
Addressing a press meet at his Khoyathong residence here Friday afternoon, Joykisan said that the number of Covid-19 positive cases is rising at an alarming rate in the state. More and more security personnel in Jiribam district are testing positive for the virus. In Thangmeiband, three members of a family have tested positive, while Thangmeiband Polem Leikai area has been declared as a containment zone. Recently, a lady doctor in JNIMS tested positive for Covid-19. As such, it is regrettable to see Health Minister L Jayantakumar sitting idle and having zero concern of his responsibilities, especially considering the precarious situation the state is in right now.
Questioning if the state has a health minister or not, the MLA said that doctors, nurses, police and various voluntary organisations are working in the forefront of fighting against Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is unbecoming of any minister to claim credit for the hard work that the doctors and nurses had done, or shift blame on the doctors if anything happens to go wrong.
Remarking that all political issues could be put aside for now, considering deputy CM Y Joykumar, who is one of the four NPP ministers, has been reallocated his finance portfolio and is attending office; Joykisan said that this should be appreciated, adding that the people are well aware of his 'cries' for reinstating his portfolio.
"The health minister explained why he is not going to office and carrying out his duties when the political crisis has already ended. Most of the people have started forgetting the Health minister's call of 'No Retreat, No Surrender' and as such, there is no need to continue being embarrassed over it. It is now time to give his full attention to his responsibilities", the Thangmeiband MLA commented.
Joykisan then said that according to some reports, the CM had assured that he would not touch the portfolios of the four NPP ministers, who had withdrawn support to the government in accordance to the solution brought on by the central leaders. This is likely to be true, as the CM would not want any interference from the central leaders on the matter, he added.
However, the people are the only ones, who will be facing the consequences of the CM's indifference and the health minister's stubbornness. "On whom are the people supposed to depend when their own minister has compromised all of his responsibilities just because he did not get what he wanted?" Joykisan questioned, and as such, urged the health minister to stop his sulking.
Further urging the health minister to consult with doctors and nurses on effective ways to curb the spread of Covid-19, the MLA asked the health minister to pick up the slack, including carrying out visits to quarantine centres. This will help bring out the true qualities of a minister in him, he added.
Joykisan then contended that the role of being an elected representative of the people is meaningless if one continues to believe that only police and doctors are supposed to fight the pandemic. There is no need to fear the pandemic and it would be good to look how other states and countries are battling the outbreak. Furthermore, there should not be any hesitation in asking the MLAs for help for all of them are ready to extend assistance wherever required, he stated.

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