Rumour triggers rush in Senapati PO

SENAPATI, 7th Jul: Rumours indeed travel far and wide, and it is no different in the rumour of government extending financial assistance to students for purchasing smartphones, which triggered people to throng the post office of Senapati district recently.
For the first time in the state, the rumour triggered huge number of people turning up at Imphal post office in May last week amid the strict lockdown protocol. The People’s Chronicle published a report in this regard in its May 28 edition. Post office officials also issued a clarification stating that there is no such scheme and appealed to public not to trust it.
About a fortnight later, the same rumour created a similar situation in Ukhrul district when the denizens thronged at the district post office to open accounts for India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) on June 15. TPC again published another report on its June 16 issue.
Now, the rumour strikes in Senapati district, where different students with their parents from different places of the district came in large number to the district post office since the last two weeks. With all classes cancelled due to nationwide lockdown and education department opting to go online classes, many parents in the region have been facing financial issues in trying to procure the required gadgets. So, the abject situation in which they are in now might be the reason for triggering the ignorant public to come to the post office for opening accounts. The branch manager of the office had also issued notice earlier informing that it is fake information and nobody should believe it.
When contacted, none of the staffer in the post office has any idea from where the rumour of providing Rs 5,000 cash assistance to each student came from. Though they know that it was a rumour, the office simply cannot deny anyone to open an IPPB account for Rs 100 if they want, and all they could do was to tell them that there is no such scheme. The office staffers had a hard time in ensuring everybody to maintain social distancing and follow lockdown protocols.
It is said that IPPB account is reportedly one of the cheapest machineries to open an account and easier mode of functioning. If such schemes happen to be true, officials said, all banks must also have knowledge and due process must have been initiated so far.
In this regard, the branch manager of IPPB Senapati appealed to everybody not to travel during this hard time to open such accounts as people are risking not only their lives but also of their whole family, society and the general public at large.

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