Whom to blame for the mess at Sangaiprou?

IMPHAL, 6th Jul: Following the first report of COVID-19 active case in the state, many felt the need to maintain hygiene for containing COVID-19 pandemic in the state and fogging and spraying of disinfectants were done in most parts of the city.
While precautionary measures were taken up in rest of the city, locals and people commuting through Monsang Road, near FCI warehouse, Sangaiprou, have been exposing themselves to foul smell due to dumping of waste materials by ‘unknown’ people in the area.
The accumulation of solid waste materials along the walls of FCI warehouse (opposite to Water Reservoir) and the narrow lane towards Komhrem (KR) colony has become the new ‘landmark’ for the locals.
No doubt, local clubs have attempted cleaning the area but they failed to keep a strict vigil for checking illegal dumping (fly tipping), which have been in practice in the area for the last many years.
Speaking to The People’s Chronicle (TPC) in this regard, Lukram Leirak Youth Club (LLYC) secretary Nameirakpam Dilip said that even after repeated appeals made to the shopkeepers and locals; they have been throwing garbage along the roadside.
Pointing out that people should have the civic sense not to practice such illegal activities in the area; he cautioned that prolonged accumulation of waste materials may result in health hazard.
One local resident named Roben said that apart from fly tipping, the area has been made dirtier due to unrestricted operation of local drinking joints (vendors).
Conceding about the open sale of liquor and throwing of empty wine bottles along Monsang Road, he appealed to authority concerned for checking such uncivilised activities in the area.
Moreover, Roben doubted that people coming to liquor shops would hardly be maintaining any social distancing protocols issued by the government.
Interestingly, when TPC went further to identify the Pradhan under whose jurisdiction the Monsang Road falls, pradhans of both Lamjaotongba GP and Sagolband Thounaojam Leikai GPs denied their responsibilities.
Stating that the area doesn’t fall under their purview, both Pradhans pointed fingers to one another.
However, in a telephonic conversation, 5-Changangei Zilla Parishad Sinam Marjit alias Rahul revealed that the said area has been considered for renovation/cleansing under the aegis of the local MLA.
Confiding that the renovation work would begin within 2-3 days, Marjit denounced the attitude of people, who are intentionally throwing garbage in the area.
It may be mentioned here that there is no voter along the Monsang Road where illegal dumping has been in practice for last many years. However, there is residential area at a distance of 500 metres away. “Though the newly developed residential area (KR Colony) has no voters, it doesn’t mean one can come and throw garbage openly,” said KR Colony pastor Mangte Ahmang Kom.
Lamenting over the silence of authority concerned, Mangte appealed to people who are dumping waste materials to stop the same.
Informing that the colony has been conducting social service activities regularly in the area, Ahmang denounced the illegal dumping of garbage at the doorstep of the colony.
Some blame the people residing in rented quarters, while others blame the shopkeepers for dumping waste materials along the roadside. Pradhans denied their responsibility, while Zilla Parishad assured to initiate developmental activities in the region.
But, the pertinent question here is why the authorities have been silent for so long? Is it because there are no voters?

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