Cong belittles ex-MLA Subashchandra’s claims

IMPHAL, 5th Jul: Remarking that ex-MLA S Subhashchandra had clearly stated his reasons for resigning to the media on June 17; Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) vice president Dr Kh Ratankumar has said that Congress has nothing to comment over the statements made by the former Naoriya Pakhanglakpa AC MLA.
Addressing a press meet held at Congress Bhawan here Sunday, Dr Ratankumar said that the complaint made by Subashchandra to the Court claiming Congress had forced him to resign is not only baseless but also regrettable. An irrefutable proof of this is the ex-MLA's own statements to the media on June 27 wherein he announced his resignation from the primary membership of BJP and the post of MLA.
His (Subashchandra) resignation was accepted by the Manipur Legislative Assembly Speaker and an order was issued by the Legislative Assembly secretary announcing that the MLA seat of Naoriya Pakhanglakpa AC is vacant. As the matter is now in the Court, Congress party need not comment, the VP said, adding that the Court will decide the right and wrong on the matter.
Stating that Subashchandra's claims against Congress is not only an attempt to confuse the people but also an act of denigrating politics, Dr Ratankumar said that the claims of a forced resignation is unlikely for he (Subashchandra) is not a child. He is a politician who had been elected numerous times as a Zilla Parishad member.
"No one, but Subashchandra alone can force himself to resign", he asserted.
Regarding the political scenario in the state, Dr Ratankumar said that the frequent shifting of loyalties or party alliances by elected representatives have left the people disgusted with politics. As a result, many sincere politicians are having second thoughts of leaving politics altogether. In addition to this, many of the politicians are needlessly being subjected to taunts and mistrust from the people, he conveyed. 

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