UCM cautions Centre over talks with NSCN-IM

IMPHAL, 3rd Jul: United Committee Manipur (UCM) will not remain silent if the ongoing peace talks between Government of India and NSCN (IM) in anyway affect the interest of other communities, cautioned UCM president Sunil Karam.
Speaking during the 20th foundation day of UCM held at its Lamphel office on Friday, Sunil stated that the organisation was formed to uphold integrity of Manipur and to fight any attempt to divide the communities of the region.
He appealed that instead of waiting for intervention from outsiders it will be better if people of the region share with each other their problems and pains and work together to solve it. “Letting foreigners judge any issue we have with each other will not save the region,” he said.
Sunil stressed that people should stand united to face any threat to the integrity of Manipur that may arise due to prevailing political issues and the 20 years long Indo-Naga peace talk. He asserted that if centre’s interlocutor for the Naga peace talk RN Ravi sincerely wants to conclude the peace process, he should reach out to all stakeholders of the neighbouring states and communities so as to bring lasting solution.
However, if any move or agreement detrimental to interest of Manipur is struck with regard to the Naga issue the UCM is ready to face it head on, he reiterated.
The UCM president opined that the governments of India and Manipur should desist from any political move during the present Covid-19 pandemic. They should not carry out delimitation process in the state when the public is hit hard by the outbreak. The 2001 census report is tainted by abnormal data, it will be better if the delimitation is carried out after new 2021 census, he suggested.
He further appealed to the people to work for united Manipur after identifying who is the real enemy and who is true friend.
UCM secretary general Khuraijam Athouba observed that at a time of Covid-19, the sudden visit of peace talk interlocutor and Nagaland Governor RN Ravi to the state and meeting with Manipur’s Governor without revealing the purpose of his visit has raised suspicions amongst the denizens of the state.
RN Ravi has not brought anything good for the state, his decisions, statements have always sparked unrest, threatened the integrity of Manipur, he noted.
Athouba pointed out that the central government has extended Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), 1958 in Nagaland for six more months. In such a scenario how will the talks conclude, what message does this convey to people? It raises question whether the peace talks initiated by the Government of India is trustworthy.
“If we want to bring peace in the region, solution will not be brought by RN Ravi or Government of India. If we truly want to resolve our issues, we should sit together and talk within ourselves and discuss them to bring out a settlement, “he said.
The UCM secretary general warned that the people who claim to represent the public continue to bicker about themselves and take abrupt decisions based on their self-interest while not noticing how people are suffering during the prevailing situation will soon suffer from hands of the public if it goes over their tolerance level.
He lamented that the titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba may have been corrupted to join BJP and enter India’s Parliament due to his situation, but people will never forgive the Government of India for carrying out the deceitful act. They have tainted the living symbol of Manipur’s 2000 year old history, he added.
In relation to the foundation day, an official website of UCM was also launched along with honouring of various representatives from various CSOs. The programme was also attended by UCM Consultative Committee members Yumnamcha Dilip Kumar and L Jadumani.

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