Bazar communities ridicule ‘mall road’ project

IMPHAL, 3rd Jul: Denizens as well as shop keepers in Thangal Bazar opposed development of ‘Smart city mall road’ along the passage between the two Khwairamband markets till the end of Kasturi Bridge, which is a part of Smart city project under Ministry of Urban development.
Speaking to media persons at Majorkhul community hall here on Friday, one Lourembam Sarmistha informed that the said passage is very narrow and as such reconstructing the narrow road so as to create recreational area and to sell indigenous food products in the area is illogical.
Pointing out that renovation of the area by creating recreational space along with various other components in the narrow space will hinder during emergency situations, Sarmistha asserted that fire brigades and ambulances will have no access to the area in case of fire accidents or health situations. She urged the government to halt the development of Mall road.
Stating that people are yet to overcome the horrendous experience when fire tender vehicles had no access to douse the inferno that broke out some time back at White House (shop), Thangal Bazar. Recounting that the store got severely damaged as space crunch impeded the fire tenders from reaching the spot of fire aacident, Sarmistha clarified that they are not opposed to the government’s endeavour to bring development in the state but simply suggesting proper site selection for developing the mall road to a more spacious area. Even though various other shops were allowed to open, shops in Ngari gully are still prohibited from opening, Sarmistha informed while urging the government for opening the shops in Ngari gully as people in the area have been facing tremendous hardships due to present COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

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