Cong made scapegoat by NPP, BJP MLAs: Joykisan

IMPHAL, 26th Jun: Thangmeiband MLA Kh Joykisan has categorically stated that Congress was made the scapegoat of the recent political crisis after the attempt by some NPP and BJP MLAs to overthrow the CM Biren-led state government backfired.
Addressing a press meet held in Patsoi on Friday, Joykisan said that the Congress party had no role in the political crisis which shocked the state on June 17, amid the fear of possible community transmission of COVID-19 in the state. Congress, as iterated in the past, has been playing the role of a constructive opposition. The political instability occurred when some MLAs of NPP and BJP attempted to overthrow CM Biren following a fall out, he contended.
He further said that Congress did not try to topple the government, as is claimed, amid such difficult times. During attempts to replace the state leader, several NPP and BJP MLAs visited the residences of Congress leaders, trying to gain favour, but the party (Congress) refused as it believed it was unethical and also as it looked like the party was power-hungry.
After the recent Assembly session, the internal fallout between NPP and BJP became more apparent with the former deputy CM and others hurling snide comments on each other through the media. NPP made it clear it was withdrawing its support from the government and later, proceeded to so. Being a democracy, Congress party began discussing the possible scenarios and the steps that could be taken up if NPP saw its threat through. The party (Cong) held talks with NPP, wherein it was understood that it would be better for the two to join hands and stake claim to form the government as the BJP-led government would be in the minority. The talks were held in the presence of the four NPP ministers, Congress Legislative Party (CLP) leader O Ibobi and other Congress MLAs, Joykisan recalled.
During the talks, when the four NPP ministers were asked whether they would reverse their stand of not supporting the BJP government if NEDA tells them to, MLAs L Jayantakumar and Y Joykumar said that their political careers would be in shambles if they continue the coalition with BJP. They further said that they have low probability of winning the next elections and they would face the ire of the people if they were to return to the government after resigning from their respective ministerial posts.
When Congress further asked whether they would withdraw their decision if PM Modi, Amit Shah and NPP national president Conrad Sangma tried prevailing upon them, the MLAs said that the relationship between BJP and Conrad Sangma is on the rocks.
"Apparently, the NPP MLAs made the decision after talking to Conrad Sangma and informing him of the same after withdrawing support to the government", he (Joykisan) conveyed.
Meanwhile, five other BJP MLAs also initiated talks with Congress. Among them, one MLA submitted his resignation, while the remaining four did not do so. All five had knocked on the doors of Congress MLAs. When some of the NPP MLAs started resigning, three of the BJP MLAs stated that they would also be resigning, to which Congress urged them not to decide in haste as it would reduce the government to a minority in term of votes. Nonetheless, they strongly contended that they would resign at the time, thus leading to existing situation in present.
He further recalled that after announcing the withdrawal of support to the government, MLA L Jayantakumar made strong affirmations to Congress leaders, more stronger than his 'No Retreat, No Surrender' statement to the media.
"Jayantakumar's return to the government, not even a week after making the statements, shows the clear lack of any integrity on his part. Everyone is well aware of what the people are saying of him", Joykisan commented.
Furthermore, during the RS election, Congress tried to unite all the divided parties/individuals including MLA O Henry who cross-voted. There would have been no cross voting if a floor test was conducted as a whip would have been issued. Amid this, MLA Y Joykumar questioned the need to unite, asking if the recruited ones would be expelled from the party in future. This led Congress to suspect the decision taken by NPP.
Stating that the people is well aware who has made Congress a scapegoat of the recent political crisis, Joykisan urged the involved persons to introspect their actions, the deliberate act of betraying other allied MLAs and making them suffer the wrath of the people.
"It was BJP spokesperson Salam Rajen, not Congress, who stated to the media that Health Minister L Jayantakumar was acting up because he (Jayantakumar) was upset over the transfer of the case of sub-standard facemask to Vigilance. It was those in the government who made statements against each other", Joykisan stated, while urging people to see for themselves how the so-called ministers are only thinking of money and power, instead of supporting the people amid the pandemic.
"Both NPP and BJP MLAs dragged Congress in the mud, after their attempt to overthrow CM Biren backfired. Despite all this, Congress only wishes the government to stay united as long as possible, for the sake of the people. However, such acts of betraying other MLAs and lying to the public must stop. One must understand that lying to the public is the same as signing the death warrant on one's political journey", he remarked.

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