NPF demands ministerial berths for neglected Ukhrul, Kamjong

UKHRUL, 24th Jun: Naga People's Front (NPF), Ukhrul Division has demanded ministerial berths for its MLAs from Ukhrul and Kamjong districts which the regional party claimed, have been neglected by successive state governments for almost two decades.
In a bid to tide over the current political crisis and keep the coalition government in power, a major cabinet reshuffle appears imminent.
"It's at this crucial juncture that we urge CM Biren-led government to fulfil the aspirations of the people of Ukhrul and Kamjong districts by inducting their representatives in the ministry", NPF Ukhrul Division president Wungnaoshang Shimray said in a press conference held at UDWJA office on Wednesday.
Maintaining that the party is accountable to the public who elected one each of the party's MLAs in the two districts, he said that the desire of the people to have their representatives in the government is genuine and felicitous.
"We believe that the BJP-led coalition government is now in the process of reformation after the recent political storm. In the event of a cabinet reshuffle which is expected to ensure continuance of a stable government in the state, we want our MLAs from these two neglected districts to be a part of the government", Shimray continued.
With its four legislators, NPF is one of the coalition partners in the present BJP led government in the state. Of the four, two of the party's legislators are already inducted into the ministry. Incidentally, the remaining two happened to be from the long neglected segments in Ukhrul and Kamjong districts.
"We appreciate the government for including two of our legislators in the ministry. Now we also want the government to consider giving ministerial berths to the remaining two MLAs on the concrete grounds that the districts they represent have remained deprived of any ministers for almost twenty years", he said.
The regional party has been with the ruling BJP party since the formation of the CM Biren-led coalition government in 2017.
"Our party has been faithful to the coalition partnership which is halfway through now and we hope the government will definitely reciprocate our faithfulness in a befitting manner", the Ukhrul NPF leader anticipated.
"We represent the voice of the people and we appeal to the government to accommodate ministerial berths to the MLAs from the two districts, which have remained non-represented for 18 years now", NPF (Ukhrul Division) general secretary Yangmi Ruivah said.
He also informed that NPF Ukhrul Division covers the twin districts of Ukhrul and Kamjong.
NPF (Ukhrul Division) secretary Khayui Raleng said: "It's not a comparison with NPP whose all four MLAs got ministerial berths. But we feel that it's time NPF MLAs from the two most neglected districts are suitably accommodated in public interest". Attending the press conference, vice president (UD) MH Moon, general secretary (UD) Kharingyo Shimrah, and president 45 Chingai Vareishang Zingkhai observed that giving due representation to the neglected two districts is the least the government could do for the party, based on the principles of coalition governance. "Key posts are given to the second largest party in any coalition government across the country", they further noted.
NPF 44 Ukhrul president VS Ringlem, 45 AC general secretary Semmi Muinao and Ukhrul Division executive Akhai Hungshi were also present during the press conference.

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