Ruckus at CCpur QC over shifting of positive inmate

CHURACHANDPUR, 24th Jun: After receiving information from medical team stationed at VK Tawna High Quarantine Centre at about 9:50 am that the inmates were not allowing a positive inmate to be picked up for moving him to Isolation Ward for further treatment, a team of Churachandpur Police led by additional SP (IUCAW) who is also in-charge of Churachandpur quarantine centres rushed to the spot to assist the medical team on Wednesday.
According to police reports, efforts were then made for about 30 minutes to convince the inmates. But the inmates refused to come out and they did not allowed any representative to talk to the police and medical team. Later additional SP (LO) also reached the spot and tried to convince them. Finally when the police and medical team instructed the ground floor people to make way for getting the positive client outside, everyone started coming out to the balcony and prevented the authority from performing their duty. The ground floor people also locked the door where the positive person was staying.
The inmates then started abusing the police and medical team and dared them to come up the building.
However, the police team was able to open the door using minimal force and the positive person was taken out by the medical team and transferred him by an ambulance around 10:30 am to the Isolation Ward at Churachandpur District Hospital.
In this regard, legal process is underway to identify the main instigators and take up necessary action as per relevant section of the law.
It can be mentioned that there are 62 inmates presently staying at the said quarantine centre with most of them being returnees from Gurgaon and Haryana. So far, the centre has five positive cases including the one who tested positive on Wednesday.

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