BJP-led Govt to remain, CM’s fate uncertain: BJP leaders

NEW DELHI/IMPHAL, 24th Jun: BJP's trouble-shooter in the northeast, Himanta Biswa Sarma, had to step in once again as did the party's 'Super President' Amit Shah, who despite relinquishing the top post early this year, was required to intervene in an attempt to save the troubled NPP-BJP government in Manipur.
However, after the crucial meeting in the national capital, Sarma, the North East Democratic Alliance chief tweeted that "both BJP and NPP will continue to work together for the development of Manipur".
Not only Sarma and Shah were present but Conrad Sangma, who heads the NPP and is also the Meghalaya CM was also present in the meeting. NPP's Manipur unit went rogue and threatened to join the Congress-led alliance if there is no change of Chief Minister in the state.
Manipur's Deputy Chief Minister Y Joykumar was also part of the meeting. Earlier on Tuesday evening, the 4 dissident NPP MLAs were flown to Delhi by Sangma and Sarma.
While Sarma claims that the two parties will continue to work together in Manipur, suggesting the problem is averted, it is however unclear whether it means that Chief Minister Biren Singh will be replaced or not. The 4 NPP MLAs earlier called it a "non-negotiable" demand of theirs.
Just before the Rajya Sabha elections on June 17, 3 BJP MLAs resigned and joined the Congress. At the same time, four ministers of the ally National People's Party also resigned due to resentment and withdrew support from the government.
Another independent along with a Trinamool Congress MLA too parted ways from the Biren Singh government. After the rebellion of a total of nine MLAs, the Biren Singh government came under threat. However, the BJP was successful in winning one seat in the Rajya Sabha elections held on June 19.
Earlier, Sarma was scrambled to Imphal on June 23 to salvage the situation. During his stay there, he tried to persuade the MLAs to meet Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi. Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Cornad Sangma, who is also the National President of the NPP, met the dissidents separately and along with Sarma at Imphal where the 4 agreed to listen to what the BJP high command had to say. This, even as BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav flew into Imphal. However, he reasoned that he went there to congratulate the newly elected BJP Rajya Sabha member from the state.
The rebels also met BJP President JP Nadda.
While, Himanta Biswa Sarma claimed to bring a "permanent solution" to the recurring political turmoil in Manipur, before he flew in to the national capital, what remains unclear is how far that has been achieved and whether that has been achieved at the cost of a leadership change in the state of Manipur, something that the BJP has so far avoided.
So far the Biren Singh government has sounded defiant, thwarting efforts of the Congress which has been demanding a special session of the assembly to bring a no confidence motion against his government.
Here in Imphal, BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav said that the BJP led government in the state will stay till 2022.
Ram Madhav, who arrived here on Wednesday, told media persons at Imphal Airport that the state government has been a stable one since the beginning despite the questions that pop up among the people and it will complete its term. The victory of the party’s candidate in the recent Rajya Sabha election is the testimony of the party’s strength he said and added that the party will return in 2022 too. The national general secretary also said that he came here to attend the felicitation function of titular king Leisemba Sanajaoba.
The felicitation of Leisemba was held at the CM’s bungalow.
Addressing the gathering, Ram Madhav said that victory of the titular king is a triumph of the party. It was a big challenge for the party to nominate him as the party’s candidate, he said and thanked chief minister, cabinet ministers, party MLAs and other MLAs who supported him in the election. He also reiterated his confidence that the BJP government will complete its term as a stable government.
Leisemba Sanajaoba said that he had remained as a titular king without much ability to serve the people for over 20 years. All those years, he prayed to God for an opportunity to serve the people better. His prayer got fulfilled with the blessings of the national and state leaders of BJP. He will fully utilise this opportunity and serve the people to the fullest, he avowed.
After the function, the BJP general secretary met party MLAs at their camp at Hotel Classic Grande and heard their grievances. He also called on Governor Dr Najma Heptulla and discussed the political scenario in the state. From there he headed to Hotel Classic Grande again and continued discussion with party MLAs to resolve the internal crisis within the party.

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