Edited videos/pictures worse than pandemic: CMO

IMPHAL, 23rd Jun: The ongoing trend of circulating edited videos and photographs of quarantine centres and related matters is a much worse form of pandemic than COVID-19, Bishnupur CMO Dr L Gojendro has remarked.
In a statement, Dr Gojendro said that the trend of making edited videos and photographs of the inside of the quarantine centres and related matters with baseless claims and allegations so as to make it go viral on social media platforms is spreading like an epidemic. After a COVID-19 positive was confirmed at JNV Bishnupur, a Covid Care Centre was opened at UNACCO. As per the demands of the inmates staying at the centre, all of the utilised areas were sanitised.
However, when the persons responsible for sanitising failed to show up, a trained male health worker along with the nodal officer donned a PPE suit and went to sanitise the area on June 18 while strictly adhering to the issued SOP. It is well known fact that PPE suits are uncomfortable. The persons wearing the suits suffer from heavy sweating and fogging of the safety goggles due to the heat. Health workers assigned for collecting samples outside the rooms have frequently experienced this disadvantage of the suits.
The same day, the male worker experienced heavy sweating and was barely able to see with the fogging of the glasses. Unfortunately, one of the inmates shot a video of his ordeal and uploaded it on social media with baseless claims, the CMO detailed, adding that the worker resumed his duty after resting for a short while.
Urging all concerned not to spread such false allegations on social media platforms, Dr Gojendro further appealed to the people not to carelessly forward such videos/photographs without a second thought, as anyone found doing so is liable for punishment under the Disaster Management Act, 2005.
Further stressing the need for all concerned to ascertain the facts from the authorities concerned before sharing anything on social media, the CMO stressed that the pandemic situation merits cooperation of all instead of sensationalising trif le issues.
Noting that some of the inmates shared video of the MHW in full PPE within a few hours on the same day blaming the authority for the difficulty faced by the medical staff, about wrong selection of manpower without seeking any clarification from authorities concerned, the CMO mooted that the inmates could have sought clarification as some of them are in constant touch with the nodal officer and MOs of District Hospital Bishnupur.
The MHW recovered after an hours of rest. He is doing well and performing his normal duties without any difficulty. He was at no time at risk of infection by SARS COV-2 even though there was direct contact with inmates of the institutional quarantine centre over his PPE, the CMO explained.
Further pointing out that uploading of misleading videos or pictures has become a disease of the current time, he appealed to all who see any social media messages to consider deeply, make inquiries, if possible, and think again and again before forwarding the same on social media.
With the boon of connectivity, it is not so difficult to ascertain the facts, Gojendra added.

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