Kangpokpi lad defies poverty to shine in HSLC-2020 exam

KANGPOKPI, 16th Jun: In a classic case of steely resolve and hard-work overcoming all obstacles, Satmunchon Kipgen, who secured the Eleventh position in the 2020 HSLC examination, has proved to all that neither poor financial background of the family nor school infrastructure deficiency could deter anyone from realising his/her dreams.
A student of Eklavya Model Residential School in Gamnom Saparmeina, Satmunchon Kipgen made his poor parents, villagers, teachers and colleagues proud and will definitely inspire the younger generation to remain focus on their life-goal instead of being distracted by adversities.
Satmunchon, who is the second child of four siblings born to Ngamlal and Ngahboi of S Jalenmoul village in Kangpokpi District, lives in a pathetic mud house.
Currently the most popular kid in the village, having only eight households, Satmunchon secured letter marks in six subjects including Mathematics.
His father is a daily wager engaged in stone quarrying to support the family of six.
A free trip winner to South Korea in 2019, Satmunchon’s first reactions when told about the results were, “I thought it was fake news but after confirmation, all of a sudden I felt humble upon realising how my parents and big brother suffered and toiled to ensure continuation of my education.”
Even as he thanked his parents and siblings for their support, his mother who had no formal education, recounted to newspersons that Satmunchon always stood first at school and conceded that she is both joyous and regretful that her son managed to only secure the 11th position. His father, Ngamlal said he was at the river for his usual stone quarrying work when told on phone about his son’s success, adding: “I threw away the hammer and ran towards my residence to celebrate.”
“For me, hearing news of my brother’s success is the happiest moment in life”, a visibly emotional Lengouthang Kipgen, elder brother of Satmunchon chipped in during an interaction with the media.
The elder sibling had sacrificed his own academic dreams in Class IX and has been helping his parents so that the younger sibling could continue his study.
Satmunchon, who won a free trip to South Korea after winning a state level quiz competition last year, confided that he wants to become a commercial pilot. However, considering his physical condition, he said, he would prefer to follow advice of his parents and teachers on his future career option.
“The immeasurable struggle of my parents to support me, endless prayers of my mother, sacrifice of my brother, and condition of my house coupled with the dire financial position of my family inspired me to work hard on my studies,” said Satmunchon.
“The other factors equally important for my achievement were my school teachers and principal who always nurtured positive side of all the students and ensured that everybody digested the lessons taught in the classroom,” he maintained while noting that such quality of teaching and dedication of teachers will be hard to find in most of the schools, even in private educational institutions.
“I have the dream to pursue my higher studies in a renowned college but I consider my school EMRS, the best in shaping the career of a poverty-stricken pupil like me as well as others who belong to well-to-do families.”
The HSLCE 2020 rank holder’s advice to his juniors is “don’t let anything even your poverty to bog you down, have proper timetable, give cent percent concentration and always keep God first apart from your hard work and dedication, if you really want to be success.”
Realising their son’s enthusiasm, Satmunchon pledged to work even harder to support him while the mother expressed confidence that her daily prayers will be definitely answered by the Almighty.
Meanwhile, Kangpokpi district additional SP (Ops) Lalminlen Misao met the Kipgen family and congratulated the rank holder apart from motivating the young student by providing monetary assistance along with senior journalist Kaybie Chongloi.
S Jalenmoul village chief Tongkholal Kipgen also expressed heartfelt gratitude to the family of Satmunchon in bringing laurels to the village. According to the chief, Satmunchon’s achievement is the first of its kind in the village after its establishment in 2009.
MDC of Tujang District Council Constituency Lamkholen Kipgen and his wife also called on Satmunchon and his family to present a traditional muffler and hand over Rs 5,000.

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