MLA Joykisan dares BJP to accomplish task which Cong failed to execute

IMPHAL, 26th April: BJP which had criticised former Congress government of not being able to perform any commendable work during its rule should now perform all works which Congress had failed to do since BJP is now ruling both at the centre and the state, Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee president and MLA of Thangmeiband AC Th Joykisan has exclaimed.

                 He was speaking at the felicitation function of Khundrakpam MLA Th Lokeshwar held at YDO community hall, Khundrakpam, on Wednesday. While expressing contentment over the ability of BJP-led coalition government in lifting the economic blockade which Congress government had failed, MLA Joykisan, nonetheless, observed that on what condition the blockade was lifted is a question worth asking. Because it is a known fact that any individual or organisation would not turn back until an understanding is brought out and every understanding is brought out through certain conditions.

             He also said that Congress will side with any party if the party works for the betterment of the society and itspeople. Congress will always play a constructive role. The Congress chief, while acknowledging that Congress government failed to solve the Churachandpur issue during its rule, enquired as to why the BJP government could not solve the issue even after it has come to power in the state.

                 He asserted that just sanctioning huge amount of funds in hill districts cannot bring any everlasting solution to the problems confronting against peaceful co-existence between the people of the hills and the plains. The problem can only be solved through a selfless and dedicated work of the leaders. The function was also attended by ex-minister K Tomba, Khundrakpam Kendra Development Committee president M Kesho, apart from MLA ThLokeshwar.

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