Wisecrabs pays tribute to Subedar Wanglum

CHANDEL, 7th Jun: Wisecrabs, Chandel paid tributes to Subedar Wanglum Joseph Anal Chang of 2 Naga Regiment, who was martyred in 2014.
Regarded as a soldier, hero, martyr and a legend among the Anal tribe, Wanglum Joseph was born on April 24, 1965 at Tokpaching village, in Chandel district.
He enrolled in the Indian Army on October 2, 1983 and joined the Naga Regiment in Leh. In August 1994, as part of the United Ghatak team, Subedar Wanglum Joseph volunteered for fire assault operation on the Line of Control and as the Commander of a rocket launcher detachment totally decimated an enemy bunker.
Again on May 23, 1995, during a fire fight on LoC he was instrumental in effectively engaging and silencing the enemy. Yet again on May 28, 1995, when his patrol was engaged by the enemy, he personally rallied with a Light Machine gun and 2-inch mortar to extricate his patrol. Finally on June 6, 1995, during a fire fight with the enemy on the line of control, he destroyed the enemy flag area bunker by firing 84mm Rocket Launcher, with total disregard to his personal safety.
For his undaunted courage, confidence, devoted professionalism during Operation Rakshak, he was awarded Vir Chakra on the occasion of Republic Day in 1996.
He became the first and only army personnel from Chandel district to have been awarded with the Vir Chakra, the third highest military decoration of India. He is survived by his wife and two children.

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