MLA Khashim urges villages to be more accommodating

UKHRUL, 1st Jun: Chingai MLA Khashim Vashum has categorically urged villages in Chingai assembly constituency to be accommodating towards all returnees irrespective of villages and areas in view of the shrinking spaces of accommodation for the growing number of evacuees across the district.
MLA Khashim stated this while interacting with villagers during the ongoing series of inspection being undertaken by him, to oversee the housing conditions of community quarantine centres and cottages set up at different villages in his constituency on Saturday.
The MLA was accompanied by an official team comprising Ukhrul ADC members Paothing Vashum, Wezope Lohe and Ngaranchui, Chingai SDO Nimmi Khamrang, and a district police team led by Adl SP Ringthing Hongchui during the visit at Halang Ato, Halang Aze, Paorei, Phunhcham and Peh villages.
"The current fight against COVID-19 pandemic could be successful only when we all join hands and put up concerted efforts. This battle should provide no room for selfishness. My earnest appeal to all of you is to adopt an accommodating attitude towards all returnees irrespective of their native villages," he pleaded.
Explaining this to the villagers, Khashim stated that there is something worth learning from Hunphun and Hungpung villages in this pandemic situation.
"These two villages in the district headquarters have been selflessly accommodating a massive number of returnees without any differentiation on constituencies, regions and villages. They have even let go of the fear for the safety of the entire community", he continued.
Khashim then urged the villagers to work in the same spirit and offer every available space to returnees from other villages for community quarantine in this fight against COVID-19 pandemic.
Different villages are refusing accommodation of returnees from other villages, even as the entire district is facing shortage of accommodation spaces in the face of growing number of evacuees here.
During the visit to each of the community quarantine zones, he oversaw the housing conditions, called out the inmates, and delivered messages from a distance. "Today, I'm here to oversee the housing conditions of your quarantine facilities. I request you all to bear the quarantine period by following the prescribed safety rules of social distancing, hand washing and wearing face masks", he said, assuring every possible assistance to them.
While acknowledging the hardships endured by all returnees, he further urged the inmates not to get disheartened but to realize that it is time for everyone to get strength from the Almighty.
"This should be a quiet time for all the inmates for spiritual meditation and growth", he pleaded, acknowledging the cooperation extended by the returnees.
Khashim also lauded the humane and selfless services rendered by all front-line workers including medical staffers, police, volunteers and others. In a similar tone, EM Paothing Vashum said efforts made by local volunteers is a sign of concern for safety of all inmates, and urged all inmates to cooperate and maintain social distancing for a united fight against COVID-19 pandemic.
During the visit, MLA Khashim Vashum also reached out to local Churches of the villages with rice grains from his own will, along with distribution of thermal scanners for the local Covid-19 committees.
On behalf of the Chingai sub divisional office, Khashim also distributed the first instalment of monetary assistance provided by the state government to each of the inmates for covering food expense during the 14-day quarantine period. The money allocated at the rate of Rs 200 per head per day, was handed over to the respective local committees for distribution to each of the inmates.
During the visit to the community quarantine zone at Peh village, local committee informed that the village currently has around 117 inmates at the community quarantine centre.
"For construction of each of the quarantine huts here, respective families of returnees are taking the overall responsibility and the local committee is overseeing the works and assisting in terms of material requirements", a volunteer told The People's Chronicle on the spot.
"We are expecting around 250 returnees during this current evacuation and accommodation for all the incoming natives of the village will be ready shortly", he said, adding that the local committee has incurred huge expenses in acquiring materials for the facility.
It is learnt that Chingai AC has received more than 1500 returnees so far who are currently housed at different quarantine facilities at the district headquarters, block headquarters and villages.

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