Ukhrul MLA set to rescue quarantine inmates in distress

UKHRUL, 30th May: Considering the plights of many poor inmates and their families who are faced with the burden of paying for meals at community quarantine centres, Ukhrul MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur has decided to provide requisite food items to all the inmates of community quarantine centres within the district headquarters who are or will be undergoing another 14 days community quarantine to ease their distress.
44-Ukhrul AC Covid-19 Management Committee revealed that MLA Alfred has decided to provide the inmates with the requisite food items like rice, dal, sugar, potato, eggs, onion, garlic, tea leaf, salt, chilli and ‘Ngari’ (fermented fish).
The MLA has taken the decision considering the plights of many impoverished individual inmates and their families who are facing monetary issues in paying for the mess service for the next 14 days stay at their respective community quarantine centres where Rs 200 is charged for the meals per head per day, it said.
These food items would be provided to all inmates of community quarantine centres within the district headquarters for the second phase of quarantine at community facilities based on the list of the first phase of quarantine, the Committee informed.
Subsequently, the Committee further communicated that all local/tang authorities in charge of the community quarantine centres to collect the food items from 7 am to 10 am on June 1 (Monday) from the Auditorium Hall, Mini Secretariat Complex.
Meanwhile, Hunphun Ukhrul COVID19 Committee has expressed its gratitude to MLA of Ukhrul Assembly constituency Alfred Kanngam Arthur for his decision to help out the poor quarantine inmates, and also for tireless contribution and systematic strategy in arranging quarantine centres in the fight against COVID 19.
Calling the MLA's decision to provide ration to every inmates of village tang quarantine centres of the district headquarters as an extra mile of offering, the Hunphun Covid19 Committee said: "We understand that this is an extra burden for him as this arrangement is beyond his service at the Community Quarantine centres are run under him as specified by the government as Chairman of 44 AC Quarantine Centre Management Committee."
In accordance with the Ordinance of Tangkhul Naga Long every returnee has to undergo 14 days village quarantine in lieu of home quarantine after their 14 days stay at Institutional Quarantine facilities or after their test result have come out negative, it said, adding that Hunphun Ukhrul COVID19 Committee has been faithfully following the ordinance of Tangkhul Naga Long.
"Under Hunphun Ukhrul COVID19 Committee there are over 14 village Tang Quarantine Centres. This centre is solely managed by the respective Tangs/localities of Hunphun. For this, the Committee, with the approval of Hunphun Ukhrul Village Authority, has advised all the Tang Quarantine Centre management Committees to charge Rs. 200 per head per day to manage their mess service. The daily food is catered by the concerned tang. It should be clear that this arrangement has nothing to do with the District administration or that of the 44 AC Ukhrul MLA, it said.
"We adopted this strategy for health safety, accommodation management and social distancing issue in the wake of the ongoing lock down.
We would also like to reiterate that Hunphun Ukhrul Covid 19 Committee has been arranging village/tang quarantine centres only for the returnees of Hunphun UKhrul and Ukhrul 44 AC.
In view of shortage of village tang quarantine centres the Committee would not be able to arrange quarantine accommodation at Ukhrul town for the returnees of other districts and assembly constituencies, the committee informed.
“We appreciate the co-operation extended by every tang of Ukhrul for the untiring service of managing the village tang quarantine centres through their own effort. We firmly believe that mutual co-operation of every individual, village and Tang would go a long way in combating the covid19 menace,” the committee added.

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