Special trains with stranded natives reach Jiribam

IMPHAL, 29th May: Shramik Special train from Delhi with 1,600 stranded residents of Manipur arrived at Jiribam Railway Station at 1.35 pm on Friday. The train had departed on May 25 from Delhi Railway Station.
On the other hand, Gurgaon Shramik Special Train ferrying 1,375 passengers also arrived at the Jiribam Railway Station at 9.50 pm of May 28. The Shramik Special train had departed from Gurgaon Railway Station on May 25.
At Jiribam Railway Station, all the passengers coming in the special trains were screened by the authorities. The returnees boarded the buses after undergoing necessary screening process and other mandatory procedures under the supervision of the Jiribam District Administration and started for the common drop points of district headquarters.
They will remain in isolation at the community quarantine centres.

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