After 14-day IQ, troubles await many inmates in Ukhrul

UKHRUL, 29th May: Many inmates, who have completed mandatory 14-day institutional quarantine, are finding themselves in a tight spot as they have to either arrange themselves for their transportation from the institutional quarantine facilities to their respective community quarantine centres or pay for the mess fees for the next 14 days' stay there.
Speaking to The People's Chronicle, a mother of a quarantined inmate said that her son has completed his 14 days' stay at an institutional quarantine centre at Kamjong and has been directed to shift to a community centre in Ukhrul district headquarters.
Lamenting there was no arrangement from the authorities for the transportation of the inmates, she said: "left with no options, my son and his friends have hired a private vehicle from Kamjong till Ukhrul town today. But my son has no money with him, neither do we."
"So in order to pay for his transportation expenses, I have been running hither and thither trying to borrow money since morning," she said, adding that having just one family member as a quarantine inmate was hard for poor families like hers.
She also disclosed that she has to buy some other requirements including clothings for him. "Apart from this, we have to drop packed meals for him twice daily, since mess service is said to be not available at the centre," she said.
Sharing a similar situation is another woman from Greenland in Ukhrul town, who has four children all returned from outside and undergoing mandatory quarantine at different places.
"One of my children is already at a community quarantine centre at Luiyainao Tang and another is on the way to community quarantine centre, while two others are yet to complete the mandatory 14 days' stay at institutional quarantine facilities," said the woman who insisted on anonymity.
She said that despite poverty, her family is being compelled to shell out some 10 thousand rupees which is a huge amount for her family, but without which her four children would end up being deprived of the basic needs during the quarantine period.
"This is a big headache for our poor family and I'm wondering where from do we get that big amount. One after another upon their arrival, I have to provide them with the needs for necessary items like toiletries and new bedspreads," she continued.
For the family, paying for the mess service at the community quarantine centres remains a major headache, as the number of inmates is four. "We learnt that the mess service is available at Rs 200 per head per day at most of the centres around here. So we would be spending thousands for all four of them for the remaining 14 days stay," she sobbed.
It is also learnt that there are many more impoverished households from Greenland locality having 3/4 children who all are currently undergoing mandatory quarantine at different institutional facilities and facing the same financial predicament of meeting the basic necessities of their children for starting community quarantining.

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