No COVID-19 fatality among Manipuris in Canada

KAKCHING, 23rd May: Manipuri Association of Canada (MAC) is extending help to Manipuri students and professionals stranded in Canada due to lockdown imposed to contain COVID-19 pandemic.
According to information shared by MAC, more than 500 Manipuris of Manipur and Bangladesh origin are staying in different cities of Canada mostly in Montreal and Toronto.
As both Montreal and Toronto cities are hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic, Manipuris staying in the two cities are facing immense hardship particularly students as they do not get any assistance from Canada government.
Canada government imposed lockdown on March 13, 2020 and most provinces of the country are still continuing the lockdown. Manipuris particularly students suffer most after Canada government declared closure of educational institutions till September and they are unable to return home. Manipuri professionals working in non-essential sectors too are gradually getting impact of the long lockdown but facing no financial shortage.
However, MAC along with Manipuri citizens of Canada are extending help to stranded students and professionals. The good news, however, is that there is no fatality among Manipuris staying in Canada and two/three COVID-19 positive cases too have been recovered without going to hospital, MAC said a in statement made available to media houses in Manipur.

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