District police commend Ukhrul public

UKHRUL, 22nd May: Regardless of whether they have done it out of compulsion or through self discipline, majority of denizens in Ukhrul district have more or less acclimated to the changing or new normal now.
The district continues enforcement of fourth phase lock-down, except for the five-hour relaxation from 9 am to 2 pm daily to allow the public to purchase essential goods. But, the crowd on the town's roads has become more manageable for the police which have been rendering a selfless service round-the-clock to oversee adherence to safety rules to contain spread of COVID-19 in the district.
"Public here have become much more cooperative and this has done a lot in improving the relationship between the police and public in this fight against the virus here," some police personnel posted on the town's roadways told The People's Chronicle in an interaction Friday.
Calling the transformed attitude among the public as a good sign, the security personnel added that in the beginning of the lockdown they had a hard time in managing the crowd and enforcement of rules. "Earlier, there were even many cases of punishing/penalising lockdown violators but now such things do not happen. The public cooperation has improved a lot and we don't have any major problems now," they exuded.
According to the police personnel, there has been a noticeable change in the way the people respond to the call for obeying of the safety norms. "Now you can see almost everyone wearing a mask and following social distancing rules at marketplaces," they said adding that people without masks are a rare sight these days.
The police personnel are getting more relaxed in their duty although they are continuing strict vigil especially during relaxation hours. The public are becoming more disciplined and maintaining social distancing rules even while standing in the queue in front of shops, they said. "People have stopped venturing out unnecessarily before and after the relaxation hours. While roaming and gathering of people is not seen, only vehicles ferrying the sick are allowed, whether they are from far-off villages or town residents," they said.
The entire stretch of the township is being manned by two detachments of the district police at strategic locations. While the stretch beyond TNL ground area is manned by police station team, the stretch from TNL ground uptil Dungrei junction is being manned by Reserve Line team.

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