PREPAK for safeguard of labourers

IMPHAL, 21st May: Deeply concerned over plight of labourers amidst COVID-19 pandemic, the proscribed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) cautioned that government and its agencies should take up steps to ensure that private firms/sector/factory/industry provide wages to labourers regularly and timely.
Apart from appealing to employers to treat their employees with fullest compassion, the outfit cautioned all concerned that labourers should be provided entitlement of schemes and benefits in time and sincerely so that their suffering amidst COVID-19 pandemic could be eased at least to some extent.
According to a PREPAK statement issued by secretary-in-charge of publicity and propaganda LeibaakNgakpa Luwang, COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard the labourers and farmers of Manipur (Kangleipak) so much that their fate is unpredictable. They are even unable to bear cost of daily essentials due to suppressive administration of the Centre and local leaders’ biased working system.
As proven by history of the world, oppressors will never provide jobs suitable for development to the oppressed people nor chalk out a proper and long-term policy to improve economy of the oppressed land/region, the outfit said. The outfit further said that conditions of labourers working in private firms, factory, shops, media houses and companies remain bad as they are poorly paid and unable to provide social security facilities. Farmers sustaining on their own work and activities are also on the verge of collapse due to the emerging policies contradictory to them. These once self-sustained farmers are now unable to develop their farms as government fails to provide rights entitled for them and many of them are now beginning to consider their profession as unworthy and disgrace as they are unable to sell their own products in markets, which indeed is very unfortunate, the PREPAK statement said.
While asserting that conditions of labourers working in both public and private sectors are no better than their counterparts in other sectors, the outfit further said that efforts should be made to improve conditions of labourers working in private sector and human resource of Manipur currently being wasted by suppressive policies should be tapped properly to develop a self-sustained economy.

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