Bed crunch likely as Covid-19 cases rise in state

IMPHAL, 21st May: With the possibility of detecting more positive cases remaining high and asymptomatic patients being admitted in Covid care wards in the designated hospital, the issue of shortage of bed for critical cases is likely to crop up soon in case of further infections.
According to source, the ICMR guidelines require asymptomatic patients to be isolated at district hospitals or primary health centres. However, the state has not been able to follow strictly the guidelines and as such all positive cases are admitted either in JNIMS or RIMS Covid wards. Asymptomatic patients do not require treatment but psychological care and observation to maintain good immune, and this can be done in the district hospitals or PHCs.
Such patients occupying the beds in the Covid wards could bring up issues of non-availability of beds for critical patients. As such, it is a must for the government to follow the ICMR guidelines in handling the positive cases.
JNIMS has now 40 beds in the Covid ward and 10 beds in the ICU along with another seven beds in the Covid isolation ward. Of the 19 cases admitted in the hospital only three are symptomatic cases, the source added.
Meanwhile, a total of 8487 persons have been staying in various institutional and community quarantine centres till date.
According to a report by IDSP Manipur state surveillance officer Dr L Tomcha Khuman issued Thursday, 1753 individuals are staying at institutional quarantine centres while 6734 are staying at community quarantine centres. Altogether 539 truckers and 33 passengers were screened at Mao gate, while 204 truckers and 46 passengers were screened at Jiribam.
On top of these, 688 (truck) drivers and handymen were screened at ISBT, 93 (oil tanker) at YAS complex, Khuman Lampak and 30 (gas bullet) at Sekmai Gas plant. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 control room tended to 463 calls, it added.
On the other hand, state health department additional director and spokesperson Dr Khoirom Sasheekumar Mangang informed that 103 people tested negative for COVID-19 at RIMS, while 110 tested negative at JNIMS till 6.30 pm Thursday.
The statement further informed that the Trunaat Machine, which was recently installed at RIMS to augment testing capacity, has now been put to use.
Additionally, the state government in consultation with stakeholders has adopted the policy of immediate discharge of "result" negative persons for home quarantine. The approved guideline of home quarantine is a scientific and effective means of prevention and is practiced worldwide, and is available at, it conveyed.

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