Ceasefire covers all Naga territories: GPRN

IMPHAL, 20th May: The Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (GPRN-NSCN) said that the United Committee Manipur (UCM) has fired a salvo against the NSCN in particular and to the Nagas in general amidst the worldwide battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.
Such a repeated spiteful remark by UCM against the Nagas is not going anywhere to reverse the historical reality and movement that has brought about the ongoing Indo-Naga political talks running more than 22 years. More than that, such an absurdity shall not succeed the final scrutiny of Naga people’s sacrifice for over 70 years that is recorded in blood, sweat and tears, GPRN said in a statement made available to media houses.
According to the statement, the NSCN has taken note of the Manipur chief secretary writing a letter to Union Home Secretary as prodded by the UCM, wherein he mentioned that the Indo-Naga ceasefire does not extend to the state of Manipur. NSCN has taken strong exception to what he (chief secretary) said as unauthorized camps of NSCN in Manipur. However, the GPRN is constrained to point out that the ceasefire covers all Naga territories and thus peace process covers all Naga territories. This spirit has guided the 22 years of Indo-Naga political talks throughout and it was this mutual understanding and respect that has carried the talks this far.
Notwithstanding the UCM’s recklessness to create volatile situation, the NSCN declared it has great respect and good relationship with the Meitei people and hence UCM should restrain itself from inciting its own people. More importantly, NSCN has the foresight that Indo-Naga political solution will bring about peace in the northeast region of India and will immensely benefit the people of Manipur, politically and economically. Meanwhile, Manipur government and the political leaders that are at the helm of affairs should exercise caution and restrain themselves from giving out any irresponsible statement to provoke the Nagas, lest it turns out to be a historical blunder and undo the age-old relationship detrimental to all, the GPRN statement maintained.

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