Stranded Manipuris in Delhi send SOS

IMPHA, 17th May: Concerned over the various difficulties faced by the people from Manipur in Delhi due to the lockdown, a public meeting was convened on May 12 at Mahipalpur Playground.
The public meeting presided over by managing director of Loktak Engineering & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, Kh Dhanakumar Singh discussed the issues faced by Manipuris living in Delhi including problems faced by them in clearing rents, lack of food supplies and about the issues to be faced while returning to Manipur.
As the state government has issued orders for evacuating the stranded Manipuris from across the country, the landowners have been asking the tenants to pay their rents and also told them not leave without clearing the due rents. Thus, the meeting drew attention of Chief Minister N Biren for helping them.
With closure of industries, factories and companies in Delhi due to on-going lockdown, non-government employees did not get their salaries. As their savings have been exhausted they are on the verge of starvation, not being able to buy essential daily needs including foods. The meeting also resolved to urge the chief minister for solving the crisis of Manipuri people living in Delhi. Urging the state government to arrange for evacuating Manipuri people living in Delhi as there is rapid rise in number of Covid-19 patients, the meeting urges the government to tell the exact dates for evacuation so that they can prearrange their house rent, essential commodities and medicines for patients.

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