JCILPS urges government to help non-locals return home

IMPHAL, 13th May: Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) has urged the state government to make arrangements for safe return of stranded non-locals, whose ILPS permits have expired, to their respective home states.
In a statement, JCILPS convener YK Dhiren said that social distancing has been the most effective way to protect from the COVID-19 pandemic and as a result, the government is implementing the lockdown despite the hardships faced by the public. With Manipuris facing racial discrimination in different parts of the country, the state government is taking up steps to evacuate the stranded state natives.
Manipur being a green zone, attempts are being made by many to sneak into the state. There were instances of three migrant labourers getting drown while fleeing police in Assam’s Cachar district earlier this month.
As the condition worsens, many migrants will make desperate attempt to sneak into the state and it needs strict vigil to enforce the restriction in inter-state travel except for evacuation operation, the statement said.
Considering the hardships faced by stranded people, the state government should take up initiatives to facilitate safe return of the stranded non-locals stranded in the state, it added.

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