Reveal health status, help fight Covid-19: CM appeals to returnees

IMPHAL, 13th May: Maintaining that success of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic depends on sincerity and commitment, Chief Minister N Biren has appealed to all, who returned from different parts of the country, to be sincere about their health conditions and cooperate with the authority during their quarantine period.
In a video message uploaded on his Facebook account, CM Biren said that the state is stepping towards a new phase in the fight against COVID-19 with the return of over 1000 stranded state natives by train on Wednesday. In such crucial time, sincerity and commitment to jointly fight the pandemic is the need of the hour, he said, while urging all to report any health conditions or doubts to the medical team stationed at quarantine centres. Concealing such information will not bring anything good to the returnees as well as the state, he added.
Biren said that the state government is coordinating with the Ministry of Home Affairs, which provides information about the returnees including their travel history. Based on the information, the government is making necessary arrangements as per the locations where they were stranded. There may be separate treatment arrangements for those who return from green, orange and red zones.
Though the returnees might face some inconveniences while staying in the quarantine centres, one must understand that the situation is a special one and managing the quarantine centres and providing all the facilities to their heart’s content cannot be possible considering the financial position of the state and scale of the operation in such testing time. As such, all the returnees are requested to endure some inconveniences during their quarantine period, he exhorted.
Mentioning about an elderly inmate of a quarantine centre sharing a video on social media expressing discontentment, the CM appealed to all to refrain from such acts. The government had already notified and urged the family members of the returnees to arrange the beddings as it would not be possible for the government to afford those arrangements. The government had also stated that it will provide the required medical kits, sanitization and food at the rate of Rs 200 per head per day. The video shared by the elderly inmate has the potential to mislead the public as it depicts the government as insensitive to their condition and ill-prepared for the operation when in reality, the government had already defined its area of operation, he said.
Stating that the government is putting its best efforts to bring back the stranded state natives in these crucial times, he appealed to all the returnees, public and MLAs to put behind their political differences and join hands in overcoming the crisis. A coordinated fight is what the society needs defeat the pandemic, he added.
Biren further said that family members of the returnees may bring foods for them and hand them over to the committees managing the centres. The medical team will assess the health condition of the returnees and provide them such foods if it is okay, he explained and appealed to parents and family members of the returnees to advise their children and family members to refrain from posting anything in social media and demanding services beyond the scope and ability of the government.
As all out efforts are being put up to evacuate the stranded state natives, many such individuals are either on the way or ready to depart states and cities like Punjab, Chandigarh, Maharashtra, Bengaluru and Hyderabad in the coming days. As the number of returnees increases, some confusion may arise, which the government will do everything to resolve as soon as possible, he said while urging all to endure all inconveniences and have faith in the government.
On the other hand, there might be some symptomatic persons or patients of other ailments among the returnees. Since keeping them in community quarantine centres is not feasible, the government will make separate arrangements for them. Moreover, the government has also make arrangements of some paid quarantine rooms in some hotels, which one can avail by paying the room charge on their own expense, the CM added.

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