Manipuri girl attacked in Haryana

IMPHAL, 11th May: Amid the ongoing lockdown and fear of Coronavirus spread in the country, a 19-year old Manipuri girl was allegedly beaten mercilessly by locals of Gurugram area in Haryana.
The incident happened while the girl was returning to her hostel after buying vegetable items. A lady shouted at the girl in a racially discriminated manner and asked her not to pass through the lane in front of her house, according to Delhi Manipuri Society (DeMaS) secretary N Shyamkishwor Singh.
As narrated by the girl, the area does not presently fall in a containment zone and so there is no administrative restriction to pass through the street. When the girl requested the lady to talk with a little civility, the girl was attacked by the whole family members of the woman. The male members even used clubs to thrash her. When she gained consciousness, the girl was found taken care of in another place. It is also reported that the family members were already waiting at the spot to attack the girl in a pre-planned manner.
The girl suffered injuries in her head, neck, waist, hand, back, etc., and she has been advised by doctors for CT scanning to check for any serious internal injury on her head.
On receipt of the information about the attack, senior members of DeMaS immediately rushed to help the girl and the matter was brought to the notice of local police for necessary legal action against the culprits. The Gurugram commissioner of police has also been requested to lodge an FIR against the culprits. Due to the risky situation for the girl at the hands of those neighbours, she has been kept in a safe and secured area, added the statement.

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