‘No helmet, no petrol’ system enforced in all fuel outlets

IMPHAL, 25th May: As part of its initiative to prevent/reduce fatalities in road related accidents by ensuring mandatory use of helmets by those driving two-wheeler vehicles, the police department has strictly instructed fuel outlets not to allow any individual without helmet to fill the tanks of their two-wheelers. The police department has initiated “No Helmet, No Petrol” system in all fuel outlets of the state.

Under this system, a person has to wear a helmet if he/she has to enter a fuel outlet for refilling. In case of failure to use helmet, owner of the two-wheeler will not be allowed to procure the petrol. Speaking to this daily, Imphal West traffic police DSP Ngasepam Ratna informed that the initiative has been taken up for the safety and security of the people considering the number of road related fatalities happening in the state.

To encourage use of hamlets and to instil a sense of responsibility, the system of “No Helmet, No Petrol” has been introduced, the police officer explained. On the other hand, it has been noticed that some of the individuals standing in the queue for refilling but do not have helmets were using helmets of others to get the fuel. Moreover, some individuals were seen putting on helmets only when they reached the fuel outlet and then taking them off after refilling.

Considering these facts, the DSP informed that the police would inspect whether any two-wheeler vehicle user wears a helmet during the time of filling their fuel tanks and also make sure that the individual never takes the helmet off as they leave the fuel outlets. She further informed that strict actions will be taken up against any fuel outlet providing fuel to two-wheeler vehicle users without helmets.

It is informed that the police department has been trying its level best to enforce the instruction and implement it in all the fuel outlets across Imphal West district. As of now, there are around 27 fuel outlets in the district following the instruction of the police department. They include Dwijendra Petroleum, Imphal Oil Agency, PG Petroleum, HI and Sons, Ksk Koirengei, DsIs and Co, Kusum Service Station, Manipur Highways Station, Unite bros, Emo Filling Station, Ibochou Service Station, K Nilo Singh, Jas Gas Station, Highway Petroleum Agency, Konsam Oil Service, Krishnapremi Oil City, Pioneer Service Station, Lamsang Oil Service, Phulchand Trilokchand , Tiddim Service Station, Mayailambi Station, Heirangoithong Service Station, Bakliwal Enterprise, BB and Co, Krishnadas Service Station, LNCN Sons Filling Station and SLC ksk and Dk oil agency.

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