KSA warns against levying tuition fees

IMPHAL, 10th May: Raising strong objection to the act of pressurising parents to clear tuition fees for their children by some private educational institutes, Kangleipak Students’ Association (KSA) has issued stern warning to all private schools and colleges against collecting tuition fees from students as well as withholding salaries of teaching & non-teaching staff, and violation of the rights of van service providers.
In a statement, KSA said that people of the state are facing severe hardships due to the nationwide lockdown imposed for containing the spread of COVID-19. Amid such crisis situation, there are reports of some private institutes mounting pressures on parents to clear tuition fees for their children. Terming it as a serious act, the statement said that KSA will not take the matter lightly.
KSA maintained that admission fees collected by private institutes have several fees for development, library, laboratory, games and sports, ID card, miscellaneous as well as tuition fee in some institutes. Besides, there are several institutes which charge capitation fee from their students. As such, the managements of the private institutes should manage the salary for their staff with the management fund as well as some percentage for van service providers, the statement said.
It further stated that it is not the time to blame one another or to take advantage. Denying salary for staff on the basis of not opening their institutes is not acceptable. Similarly, ignoring the van service providers is also not the right decision. Above all, there are reports of some schools and colleges forcing their staff to report for duty. Terming it as an act of violating the lockdown protocol set by the government, KSA warned the authorities of such institutes to bear with the brunt in case their irresponsible acts become the reason for spreading the disease in the state.

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